Good Book Fair at Centennial Hall

This year's edition of the Good Book Fair in Wrocław, which is to be held at the Centennial Hall, marks a round twenty-fifth jubilee of the event. One hundred and fifty exhibitors are meeting the first weekend of December (1-4.12) to bring a variety of authors and a myriad of their latest publications.

This year's fair brings a variety of new titles at affordable prices and the opportunity to meet the authors. Over a hundred of writers representing different styles and genres are coming to Wrocław. The fair is going to feature: Magdalena Budzińska, Janusz Głowacki, Ilona Wiśniewska, Tomasz Piątek, Nikodem Pałasz, Adam Wajrak, travellers Marek Kamiński and Aleksander Doba, journalists and reporters Paweł Smoleński, Tomasz Zimoch and Angelika Kuźniak, photographers Tadeusz Rolke and Konrad Piskała, celebrity chefs Robert Makłowicz and Alicja Rokicka. The authors from Wrocław, including Marek Krajewski, Jan Miodek, Mariusz Urbanek, are also going to be present at the fair. The actors and directors, e.g. Ewa Błaszczyk, Wojciech Malajkat and Lech Majewski are also expected to arrive.

The fair brings a wealth of attractions for children, including a special playground where they can join literature inspired workshops and games to develop their artistic spirit and encourage creativity. The programme also brings workshops on democracy, speech pathology. The children are also going to make a tactile book. The English Zone is also going to be present for you to practice your English and find out more about learning techniques.
Additionally, ECC 2016 and the Good Book Fair are organising a location-based game featuring Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and characters from the books by Stanisław Lem and Aleksander Fredro. "All of them will have tasks for the participants," says Marek Michalak, one of the game's organisers. The registration process starts on Monday 21 November at 12 pm. One hundred and fifty people can join the game. ECC 2016 will also have a stand at the fair to promote books celebrating Wrocław as the European Capital of Culture 2016.

A special jubilee album to showcase the Good Book Fair's history will also be published.

25. Good Book Fair in Wrocław – opening hours

Centennial Hall, ul Wystawowa 1:
1 December (Thursday) 12.00-18.00
2 December (Friday) 10.00-19.00
3 December (Saturday) 10.00-19.00
4 December (Sunday) 10.00-16.00