Wroclaw-based XTPL at Inpho Venture Summit

Wroclaw-based XTPL was the only Polish company to showcase their technology at the Inpho Venture Summit in Bordeaux, France.The summit attracted 23 most promising high-tech companies globally.

International investors, business partners and the 23 most promising high-tech companies globally This year's edition of the Inpho Venture Summit brought a unique opportunity for Wroclaw-based XTPL to present the outcomes of their research of new material technologies.

"Our solutions have been designed to make photovoltaic cells and screens more efficient. We have also come up with a new way to print scalable ultra-thin (100 times thinner than human hair) metal wires that conduct energy and remain flexible," explains Filip Granek, PhD in Engineering and the found and CEO at XTPL SA.

The Inpho Venture Summit is one of the most prominent business events in the market of new technologies. The summit gathers entrepreneurs seeking new and promising investment opportunities in the area of photonics and innovative technologies. This year's edition of the Inpho Venture Summit was held on 6–7 October.

"It is a great honour and pleasure for use to take part in the INPHO Venture Summit, which is a real opportunity to showcase XTPL technologies internationally. We have joined a small group of 23 companies whose technology solutions are recognised as the most interesting and promising globally. The event has brought us a lot of benefits, because competition for the investors aside, the summit in Bordeaux also served as an excellent opportunity to establish a rapport with other companies in the industry," explains Filip Granek. He also adds that the summit was also used by the following giants to present their offer of achievements: Samsung Ventures, Ciena, Total Ventures, EDF, Schneider, PSA Group, Legrand and European Investment Fund.

Filip Granek has been recognised by wroclaw.pl with a"Creative Wroclaw 2016 Award".