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 PESEL (Personal ID Number)

According to the provisions that came into force on 1st January 2018, every foreigner residing in Poland will be assigned a PESEL number.

This does not apply only to those who plan short-term stays not requiring registration of residence, if such a stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland does not exceed 30 days.

Where to register your residence in Wroclaw and get a PESEL number right away?

Citizens who plan to stay in Poland for longer than 30 days have to register their residence in the City Office not later than on the fourth day of their stay in Wroclaw.

Formalities may be completed in: Inhabitant Service Centres in the city by submitting the following documents:

  • „permanent residence reporting” or „temporary residence reporting” form,

  • a passport and a document obtained in the Republic Poland, i.e., a visa, a residence card, a permanent residence approval or a temporary residence approval (the relevant document for Wroclaw inhabitants is issued by the Lower Silesian Provincial Office, Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1),

  • if a foreigner is the owner of the premises that he/she wants to register as his/her residence or has another legal title to them, he/she should present the document that will confirm this, e.g., a civil-law agreement (e.g., a lease agreement), an extract from a land register, an administrative decision or a court decision,
  • if a foreigner is not the owner of the premises that he/she wants to register as his/her residence and does not have any other legal title to them, his/her stay has to be signed and confirmed on the residence reporting form by the person having a legal title to the premises. The document confirming the legal title to the premises has to be presented for viewing in the office.

How much does it cost?

The residence registration service (and, consequently, obtaining a PESEL number) is free of charge. The clerk will register permanent residence or temporary residence immediately upon receipt of notification.

Important: Registration of residence in Wroclaw is also possible via authorised representative. He/she has to show his/her personal ID card or passport as well the original power of attorney granted to him/her. (Relevant forms for download HERE).

Here in Wroclaw you will arrange formalities concerning the assignment of a PESEL number.

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