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  4. Driving licence – the issue of the document after the state test

Driver Licence Sub-department ul. G. Zapolskiej 4 fax +48 71 777 76 00

Information: phone + 48 71 777 77 77

Persons who have passed the state test (the first driving licence or the purchase of new categories) with the registered address of residence in Wroclaw:

Receipt of documents (a valid personal ID card or passport is required):

The application may be filed by the person who has passed the driving test.

Opening hours:

  • Room S1, opening hours: 08.00-17.15
  • Driver Licence Sub-department, Room 2 (after 3:30 p.m., missing documents are received in Room S1)

Fee for the issue of a driving licence: 100 PLN

Registration fee: 0.50 PLN

The period of waiting for the driving licence is up to 30 days from the date of submission of the test result by the Provincial Road Traffic Centre or from the date of supplement of the application by the customer.

Required applications and documents:

Application with a statement of residence


The form must be printed: on one A4 page as a whole (on both sides!), without reduction, enlargement or change of proportions, in the normal (not ink-saving) print mode. Because of small margins of the form, printing on some printers (e.g., laser printers) may be impossible.

  • colour photograph with dimensions of 35 x 45 mm, taken against a uniform background, with fine focus and reproduction of the natural skin colour, encompassing the image from the top of the head and the top part of the shoulders, so that the face occupies 70-80% of the photograph, showing clearly the eyes, particularly the eyelids, and presenting the person in a frontal position, without headgear and dark eyeglasses, looking straight with open eyes not covered by hair, with the natural facial expression and the closed mouth.

The photograph should be taken not earlier than 6 months before the day of submission of the application 

  • a person with congenital or acquired eyesight disabilities may enclose to the application a photograph presenting him/her in dark eyeglasses; in such case, a confirmation of disability (if the person is less than 16 years’ old) or a confirmation of the degree of disability (if the person is at least 16 years’ old) because of a congenital or acquired eyesight disability, issued pursuant to the provisions of the Act of 27 August 1997 on professional and social rehabilitation and the employment of disabled person (Journal of Laws 2011.127.721) is also enclosed to the application;
  • a person wearing headgear in accordance with the principles of his/her religion may enclose to the application a photograph presenting him/her in headgear, if the image of the face is fully visible – in such case, a certificate of belonging to a religious community registered in the Republic of Poland is enclosed to the application.
  1. certificate of completion of a driving licence training course
  2. certificate of psychological fitness about the lack of contraindications for the driving of vehicles (for categories C, C+E, D, D+E)
  3. medical opinion about the lack of contraindications for the driving of vehicles
  4. proof of payment of required fees for the issue of the driving licence

In the absence of any attachments or if the application is filled incorrectly, the office will summon the applicant to supplement missing parts. The driving licence will be issued after missing parts are supplemented.

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