MPK to offer 60 new buses

MPK Wroclaw wants to lease sixty new, low-floor air-conditioned buses. The tender is to be announced this autumn, and the new fleet will set off on the streets of Wroclaw in 2017.

  • The oldest MPK\'s volvo vehicles will be replaced by new buses

In five years, MPK Wroclaw has spent more than 330 million on the purchase and modernization of its fleet. As a result, 60 modernized buses appeared on the streets, as well as 69 new vehicles manufactured by the subcontractor. Also, nearly 60 new trams were introduced.

Proceedings from ticket sales still do not even cover the carrier's operating costs, but what is important, the revenue is continually increasing and the number of fare dodgers is decreasing.

'We have noticed a continued increase in ticket revenue, which now exceeds over 160 million zloty. The more money from ticket sales goes to the city budget, the easier it is for us to negotiate money for investments and development,' says Jolanta Szczepańska, President of MPK.

In the carrier's depot there is still over a hundred worn-out buses. They are Volvo brand vehicles, the oldest of which is 18 years old. 'According to our calculations, it is more reasonable cost-wise to lease vehicles than to maintain and repair the worn-out ones. It is the passengers that benefit most,' says Wojciech Adamski, Vice President of Wroclaw.

Hence, a decision was made to lease 60 new vehicles - 40 articulated buses and 20 non-articulated, short ones - for ten years. A tender with the option of extending the contract would be announced in the autumn, probably even in September and new vehicles are to appear on the streets at the end of 2017. All of them are to offer AC and low-floor access, and are required to comply with the systems that are currently operated in other MPK buses.
'I must admit that in 2017 we will have taken advantage of this option and order more vehicles,' adds Jolanta Szczepańska.

And what about trams?

President of MPK frankly admits that trams are a little harder to come by. In the case of the last vehicle by the brand Pesa, a single vehicle cost over 8 million. 'They are much more expensive, but we are waiting to apply for suitable EU funds. We are currently in the process of applying and I don't want to reveal too many details. More information will be announced in the first quarter of next year,' says the president of MPK.