Lucian Dan Teodorovici wins Reader's Choice Award

The winner of Natalia Gorbaniewska Reader's Choice Award is a Romanian writer Lucian Dan Teodorovici. His novel, 'Matej Brunul' translated by Radosława Janowska -Lascăr (Published by Amaltea and Oficyna Wydawnicza ATUT) was the book with most votes in a poll conducted on the website of the Literature Award 'Angelus.'

Natalia Gorbaniewska Reader's Choice Award was awarded for the second time this year. The Jury of 'Angelus' has established it, so as to honour the memory of Natalia Gorbaniewska, a prominent Russian poet and translator who died in 2013. She was a legend of the dissident movement in the Soviet Union and the first president of the Angelus' jury.

Voters choose from among the seven books that were in the finals of this year's edition of the 'Angelus.' Winners of the prizes awarded by the jury - the Main Award and the Translator's Award - will be announced on October 17 during a gala of the 'Angelus,' which will begin at 8 pm in Wroclaw Music Theatre 'Capitol.' You can follow the ceremony's webcast at or

Lucian Dan Teodorovici (born 1975) is a Romanian writer, theatre director, as well as film and television screenwriter. He is the author of several novels and a play. His book came out in the US, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Egypt, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Published in 2011, the novel 'Matei Brunul,' has won major national awards and has been recognized as 'Book of the Year.' It was translated it into French, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Turkish.
The main character of Teodorovici's novel - Matei Brunul- is an Italian-Romanian puppeteer, who, as a result of an absurd coincidence becomes a victim of Stalinist repression, along with his doll. After a fabricated process and torture in prison in Bucharest, he lands in Romanian labour camps. As a result of an accident, he is struck with amnesia - he loses the memory of the last twenty years of his life. The Securitate decides to take advantage of this fact and turn him into a deeply devoted 'new socialist man.'