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All this jazz: in parks and trams, on roofs and in clubs. Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival throughout July

Ewa Waplak,

Ossoliński National Institute materiały prasowe
Ossoliński National Institute

Jazz concerts in Wroclaw throughout July: 5th Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival starts on 1st July. Jazz will flow by the Oder on city beaches, from Wroclaw roofs, in Wroclaw trams and parks. Check the program of Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival 2022 – many events are free.

Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival is 31 days with jazz music. The idea for the festival arose out of the need to promote jazz music in the urban space of Wroclaw.

The organisers write: ‘We want to reach as many places as possible, so we do not focus on one point – we "travel” with music around Wroclaw, passing on our fondness and love of jazz to others.’

Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival 2022: concerts in parks and city beaches and on roofs

The initiative of Vertigo Jazz Club&Restaurant and the Culture Department of the Wroclaw City Office wants to promote jazz in urban space. Therefore, you can listen to concerts in city parks and on Oder beaches, on roofs, in a tram, etc.

  • Mondays – city beaches: ZaZoo Beach Bar, OpatoVice Beach Bar, Marina Kleczków, Polna Chillout Bar
  • Tuesdays – public transport: Gustaw – tram, Zajezdnia Shopping Centre and Gustaw, Airport, Wratislavia Ship
  • Wednesdays – the most beautiful Wroclaw roofs: Galeria Dominikańska, Wroclavia, Concordia Design, Save The World Real Estates
  • Thursdays – concerts in Wroclaw hotels: The Bridge M Gallery, Topacz/Polana Castle, Puro Hotel Stare Miasto, Q Hotel Bielany
  • Fridays – concerts in Vertigo Jazz Club&Restaurant
  • Saturdays – municipal parks: Staromiejski Park / Puppet Theatre, Południowy Park, Babie Lato Partynice, Leśnica Castle, Przystanek Rondo
  • Sundays – concerts on the Daliowa Island
  • special locations: Hydropolis, Ossoliński National Institute, Sztuka na Miejscu, Stu Mostów Brewery, Skanska.

Are Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival 2022 concerts for free?

Many Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival 2022 concerts for free. All outdoor events are not ticketed.

You can listen to jazz for free in municipal parks on Saturdays, on the Daliowa Island on Sundays and on city beaches on Mondays. Tuesday concerts in public transport are also free (except for the concert on the ship on 26th July).

Tickets are required for Friday concerts in Vertigo Jazz Club&Restaurant, Wednesday concerts on Wroclaw roofs and Thursday concerts in Wroclaw hotels.

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