Linkin Park - the only concert in Poland!

5th June at Wroclaw Stadium

  • Linking Park will perform on 5th June in Wroclaw

The band Linkin Park will visit Wroclaw as a part of the European concert tour. Last week there were negotiations with the manager of the band, today the information about the concert is officially confirmed and the regular sale of tickets starts on Monday 10th of February. The concert is co-organized by the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016.

- With great pleasure we announce the concert of Linkin Park in Poland. We know how much the Polish fans await this concert and we are even more pleased we can award their patience. On behalf of the team Rochstar Events we invite you to this amazing event with Linkin Park as a main attraction. At Wroclaw stadium you will experience much rock energy and emotions - said Sławomir Nowaczewski, the promoter of the concert.

LinkinPark is an American band whose music is a unique combination of rock, rap, metal and electronic music who defined the sound of the 21st century. In this way they created a cult soundtrack for the whole generation who grew up with them, for whom the concerts of Linkin Park are a generation experience from the You Tube era, which is proven by the fact they were the first rock band with billion views.

At the beginning of their career the band was called Xero. When the member changed – the band was joined by Chester Bennington – they wanted to change the name for Hybrid Theory (that’s how their first album is called ) to underline their music was a hybrid of different music styles. However, this name was already taken. Finally they decided to call themselves Lincoln Park after the park in Santa Monica, where Chester lived. That name was taken as well so they changed it a bit for Linkin Park.

Astonishing career of Linkin Park started with multiplatinum albums "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora" and from known all around the world megahits "In the end", "Somewhere I belong", "Numb" and "Breaking the habit". Linkin Park are repeated laureates of prestigious music awards, including Grammy. Their performances with Jay-Z and Paul McCartney made history. In total they sold over 50 millions of their albums.


Linkin Park - "In The End"


Linkin Park - "Somewhere I belong"


Linkin Park - "Numb"


Linkin Park - "Breaking the habit"


In November 2013 an amazing album was launched joining two generations of rock fans – legendary band Stone Temple Pilots made an EP "High Rise", all pieces were sang by the frontman of Linkin Park - Chester Bennington. Chester was a big fan of the group when Scott Weiland was its lead singer.

Quite recently there was a premiere of a rather astonishing video promoting the first single "High Rise".

Linkin Park play concerts around the world and tickets for all their concerts disappear immediately. There is a reason for that – their concerts are extremely emotional, energetic spectacles with thousands of real fans attending.

The band performed in our country in 2007 at Silesian Stadium in Chorzów and in 2012 in Warsaw during Orange Warsaw Festival at Legia Stadium. The tickets were sold immediately. The promoter of Linkin Park koncert in Poland is Rochstar in cooperation with the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016.


Pre-sale of tickets for the fans belonging to an official fan club of the band - Linkin Park Underground – started on this Friday at 10. The pre-sale tickets will be available only at the webpage

Regular sale of tickets will start on upcoming Monday, 10th of February, as well at 10. Tickets will be available on the webpage as well as through the network of official Eventim sale points.