Greece&Albania: new 2017 destinations from Wroclaw

A new destination in Greece, and Albania as a novelty: travel agencies have begun the sale of offers for the summer 2017, departing from Wrocław. Discounts as high as 45%. Charter flights from the capital of Lower Silesia start in April.

We already know the first charter novelties for the summer 2017 departing from Wroclaw, i.e. the Greek island of Kefalonia, and also the capital of Albania - Tirana.

"For several seasons now, Greece has been very popular among travellers, so we are pleased that the charter flight grid includes Kefalonia," says Michał Kozak, charter traffic development manager of Wroclaw Airport. "The largest, but still little known island in the Ionian Islands has a lot to offer. Sandy beaches, charming coves, blue sea, delicious food and unique landscapes make it ideal for a family holiday'" he adds.

The second novelty is the capital of Albania - Tirana, which is as popular among tourists as Bulgarian resorts. "Albanian monuments attract explorers, the extensive coastline tempts enthusiasts of sunbathing, and numerous opportunities for sports supporters - the active. Moreover, the country is famous for huge hospitality and fine cuisine, which can be experienced when visiting resorts such as Durres and Golem," says Michał Kozak.

Holidays in April

Travel agencies increased their offer of 11-day tours departing from Wroclaw - in the summer of 2017 there will be as many as 10 of them. "With each passing year, such an option becomes more and more popular among our passengers. Is the happy medium between the 8-day offers, previously dominant, and the fortnightly. Please note that passengers decide to take several holidays in a year, and the 11-day model allows it," says Michał Kozak.

"Planning a summer holiday is made much easier due the fact that tour operators have already confirmed the dates and times of most flights. In Wroclaw, the charter summer begins earlier than in previous years, already in April.

"From year to year, it becomes clear that travellers part from the model of taking their holidays in July and August only, and are eager to plan holidays in advance. With the first minute offer, such vacation is much cheaper, there are more resorts or hotels to choose from, and attractions are more accessible to the public," says Michał Kozak.

Nearly 30 possibilities

The first stage of first minute offers you can count on the largest selection of hotels and available dates, as well as discounts of up to 45%, with a fixed price guarantee and the possibility of free rebooking.

Nearly 30 destinations with a departure from Wroclaw were included in the offer of travel agents for the summer 2017. The most of them are: Greece (including Crete, Rhodes and Zakynthos) and Spain (e.g. Fuerteventura, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Alicante). Travellers setting off from Wroclaw can still count on other very popular proposals, including Madeira and Faro in Portugal, Sicily, Italy and the island of Krk in Croatia.

Ttravel agencies offering package holidays departing from Wroclaw are: Itaka, Grecos, TUI, Coral Travel Wezyr Holidays, Rainbow Tours Exim Tours, Neckermann, Sun & Fun.