17million PLN for cycling investment [PRESENTATION]

An annual summary from Cycling Officer and new investments for the coming year. 17 million PLN allocated to cycling investment in Wrocław.

Cycling lanes in Wrocław at the end of 2016 are 255 km in length. An additional stretch of 98 km is provided on the embankments down the River Oder. New cycling lanes were provided in ul Ślężna, Powstańców Śląskich, Bulwar Dunikowskiego, Grodzka, Nowy Świat and Racławicka. The river front has also become more friendly to cyclists. New cycling bridges were provided to provide underneath a number of Wrocław bridges: Szczytnicki Bridge, Jagiellońskie Bridges, Pokoju Bridge and Warszawskie Bridges.

Wrocław offers 7,000 parking spaces for cyclists at the moment, 760 of which are sheltered. The cycling offices has driven a number of measures to facilitate cycling in Wrocław. Telecom manholes were replaced and street lamps were moved to provide better cycling conditions.

Cycling promotion

This year has brought something more than just facilities. A number of promotional activities have also been undertaken. A number of manuals were provided to facilitate cycling in Wrocław. Wrocław joined the European Cycling Challenge again, and the Rowerowy Maj [Cycling May] campaign was held in 24 different schools. The capital of Lower Silesia celebrated Wrocław Cycling Day. The cycling community could also join the Cycling Faces of Wrocław competition and the Cycling Film Festival.

The Wrocław Cycling Office has also measured traffic in the city. The officers counted 822 cyclists per hour at the intersection of Powstańców Śląskich/Swodobna, which gives one cyclist per four seconds on average. 691 cyclists were found to cross the Grunwaldzki Bridge an hour.

"It is estimated that cycling traffic accounts for 6 % of the entire traffic in Wrocław. This has only whetted our appetite. Our goal is to change the proportion and increase the share of cycling in urban traffic in Wrocław," says Daniel Chojnacki. From 2014–2016, it increased by 14.8%.

New investments in 2017

The cycling officer announced a number of investments for the coming year. 17 million will be allocated to cycling from the city budget. Cycling investments will be carried out in ul Piłsudskiego, Sułowska, al. Hallera, ul Trzebnicka, Żmigrodzka, Na Grobli, Traugutta, Pułaskiego, Wyszyńskiego, Borowska or Grabiszyńska. New facilities will have been provided by 2018 in Powstańców Śląskich-Orla-Krzycka and Karkonoska-Krzycka-Francuska routes. There is also a plan to provide overpasses for cyclists to improve security.

200 thousand PLN will also be allocated to the promotion of cycling and educational campaigns.