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The app will help you to seek, visit and tag Wroclaw dwarves.

An app called Wroclaw Dwarves Go has been brought to you by Cubesoft, specialists in mobile technologies. This free app is available for Android.

"Wroclaw is famous for its dwarves. We want to help you discover them and add to the competition in discovering them," says Dominik Tomczak from Cubesoft.

The app helps you to arrange and filter the dwarves using criteria such as popularity, number of hits, etc. and to measure the distance, locate them on the map and find the route. Additionally, the app will also help you to browse the dwarves' photos and tag those you have already visited. You can also like the dwarves, add your own photos and search your own browsing history.

"The app will also give you a sneak peek into how other people are getting on who has the largest number of visits. You can also use it as a radar to find the dwarves located nearby. You won't miss a dwarf with this app," explains Dominik Tomczak. "We are soon planning to add new functionalities such as location-based games for you to collect as many dwarves as possible. All in real time and real world. Plus, a handful of statistics, rankings and awards," he adds.

Download the app (Android only) here

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