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Wroclaw among the most romantic cities in Poland!

Jarek Ratajczak,

The WROCLovka bench
The WROCLovka bench

According to the ‘Dating and Urban Mobility. FREENOW 2023’ report, 30% of Poles think that the most romantic Polish city is Kraków, the Tri-City ranks second (18%), and Wroclaw ranks third (15%). See the details .

According to 86% of Poles, going back by taxi together is perceived as the romantic culmination of a date and almost two thirds of them regard this as a good opportunity for the first kiss. 30% of inhabitants of Polish cities confess that they experienced romantic moments with their loved one when returning from a date by taxi.

On the occasion of the approaching Valentine’s Day, the FREENOW urban mobility app conducted a survey among inhabitants of Polish cities, which confirmed that taxicabs are an inseparable part of dating among true cityholics.

According to the ‘Dating and Urban Mobility. FREENOW 2023’ report, 30% of Poles think that the most romantic Polish city is Kraków, the Tri-City ranks second (18%), and Wroclaw ranks third (15%). According to respondents, three kinds of apps are an absolute must-have of dating in the city. The most popular one is a dating app (according to 20% of respondents), then comes an instant messenger, and taxi apps as a way of getting to a date rank third.

Valentine’s Day in Wroclaw

The FREENOW survey has also shown that the choice of the way of getting to a date has a significant impact on the first impression about the second person. According to 61% of respondents, arriving in one’s car is perceived favourably, every second city inhabitant appreciates arrival by taxi, and every third respondent indicates a motorcycle or a scooter in this context. The use of public transport or car-sharing is perceived neutrally by more than one half of respondents.

According to 30% of respondents, going for a date by kick scooter or bike is not welcome – this suggests that dating couples prefer means of transport by which they could move together.

The first kiss in a taxi

The FREENOW survey referred also to ordering and paying for a taxicab on a date. According to 84% of respondents, the very fact of ordering it for someone is a welcome gesture after the date.

Every fourth person thinks that travelling together is an opportunity to continue the conversation or to take another step. No wonder that over two thirds of Poles treat a taxi ride also as an ideal opportunity for the first kiss. Nearly one half of respondents also say that it is a good opportunity to save money.

How couples in love pay the bill

Opinions of men and women about paying for a ride are slightly different – 70% of men think that it is their responsibility and none of them said that the woman should pay. 40% of women respondents confirmed that it is appropriate for the opposite sex to do this, but 13% of them would prefer paying for themselves.

Interestingly, women are more willing to split the bill – this option would be chosen by one out of four women, whereas only one out of ten men would choose it. Persons aged 18–25 are more willing to split the payment – over 30% of respondents from this group would accept such an option.

We often confess our heart affairs to taxi drivers

FREENOW has also checked why some persons (40% of respondents) like telling taxi drivers about their heart affairs. Over one half of respondents admit that drivers are strangers who do not evaluate them.

Nearly one out of four respondents stresses that taxi drivers watch many human interactions, also between couples, every day. More than one third of respondents remarked that many taxi drivers are willing to engage in any kind of conversation and show empathy and a great distance. Therefore, passengers do not hesitate to tell them about the smallest details of their life, including dating adventures.

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