Weekend at European Capital of Culture [17-19 June]

See what's on in Wroclaw at the weekend. Here are just a handful of suggestions: European Night of Literature. Extra Time; Night with Carmen at the Wroclaw Stadium; "Patchwork" exhibition about Wroclaw-based architect Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak; culinary and cinematic feast Culinary Connection; design exhibition "The Big Feast"; showcase of Szczecin in Wroclaw.

Feel free to join a number of events organised to celebrate Wroclaw as the European Capital of Culture. June brings a myriad of cultural events.

European Night of Literature. Extra Time

Celebrated actors, including Krystyna Janda, Bartłomiej Topa, Maciej Stuhr, Katarzyna Figura, Robert Więckiewicz, Mirosław Baka, Marcin Czarnik, Tomasz Schuchardt and Adam Woronowicz, will be reading excerpts from contemporary European literature in the outdoor setting of Wielka Wyspa.

Europejska Noc Literatury - Dogrywka

European Night of Literature: Extra Time

Outdoors / All Ages / Literature / ECC
Termin 19 June 2016, from 4 pm till 10.15 pm

Miejsce Wroclaw: various locations depending on the programme

Night with Carmen at the Wroclaw Stadium

500 artists at the grand stage of the Wroclaw Stadium, celebrated opera singers, choirs and ballet ensembles as well as dancing horses from Andalusia. And all of this to the sounds of Spanish music. 28 thousand people in the audience are in for the attractions on 18 June. Ewa Michnik says the performance is going to be the largest in the history of the Wroclaw Opera House.

Hiszpańska noc z Carmen - zarzuela show

Night with Carmen: Zarzuela Show

Opera / Performance / ECC / Opera
Termin From 18 June 2016 10 pm to 19 June 2016 0.30 am

Miejsce Wroclaw Stadium

"Patchwork. Architecture by Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak" at the Architecture Museum

The exhibition at the Architecture Museum brings a detailed overview of Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak's legacy, one of the most eminent architects in the history of post-war Wroclaw. "Simply the giant," say architecture critics. No post-war buildings in Wroclaw are as original as her residential and commercial complex in Plac Grunwaldzki. Designed at the end of the 1960s, the complex is now considered one of the most distinctive and controversial architectural designs in post-war Poland.

Wystawa: Patchwork. Architektura Jadwigi Grabowskiej-Hawrylak

Exhibition: Patchwork. Architecture by Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak

Preview / Exhibition / Architecture / ECC
Termin From 17 June 2016 6 pm to 04 September 2016 11:59 pm

Miejsce Architecture Museum in Wroclaw

Culinary Connection San Sebastian - Wroclaw

The cinematic and culinary project at the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema brings together two European Capitals of Culture. The cinematic programme brings out the Basque Country as the culinary centre of Europe. The event begins with À la Bizkaina, in which Artiz Galarza discovers the mystery of famous sauce that comes for the region of Bizkaia. The programme features documentaries about master chefs, a collection of photos from the Basque Country and an installation by Tomasz Hartman from the Food Think Thank collective.

Projekt Culinary Connection

Culinary Connection Project

All Ages / Film / ECC
Termin From 16 June 2016 till 16 June 2016

Miejsce Nowe Horyzonty Cinema

"The Big Feast, or a Culinary Tongue-Twister"

A glass of wine as a necklace, a mug handle pierced into an apple, tufts of hair in a plate are but a few objects in the exhibition that can provoke a response from the audience and a reflection on what the applied arts are today. The exhibition begins with an unusual dinner that transforms into a happening during which the guests will have to tackle the objects on which their food is served.

Wielkie Żarcie, czyli stół z powyłamywanymi nogami

The Big Feast, or a Culinary Tongue-Twister

Exhibition / All Ages / Visual Arts / ECC
Termin From 16 June 2016 till 22 June 2016

Miejsce Barbara. Information desk, café, culture

Cities' Coalition for Culture: Szczecin

A black cargo container will be mounted in Wroclaw's Wzgórze Polskie in Wroclaw. This is where for three days (starting on 17 June) Szczecin and the Region of West Pomerania will be promoting their culture as part of the Cities's Coalition for Culture and the ZS project. ZS brings fashion, design, music, video-art, installation art, VJ-ing, DJ-ing, workshops for children, slow food, documentaries, radio shows, happenings, speeches, Q&A sessions and theatrical performances.

Szczecin - Przestrzeń twórczego dialogu

Szczecin: A Space for Creative Dialogue

Meetings / All Ages / Happenings / Films / Visual Arts / ECC / Theatre
Termin From 17 June 2016 till 19 June 2016

Miejsce Wzgórze Polskie

Eklektik Session

The event promotes a variety of musical genres and styles. The programme provides for première performances from Zapp 4 & Jan Bang and Miloopa as well as a show by the Eklektik Orchestra inspired by a troubled relationship between man and machine. It also brings the annual celebration of independent art: live music, exhibitions, installations, sculpture, photography, painting, multimedia, fashion shows, video art shows, performance art, workshops, films, literary presentations and special events for children.

Eklektik Session 2016

Eklektik Session 2016

Live Music / Music / ECC
Termin 19 June 2016, from 3 pm till 11.59 pm

Miejsce Wroclaw Industrial Park

Festivals of Festivals: Comedy of the Year

The residents of Wroclaw are in six different comedy performances by theatres from Warsaw, Krakow and Katowice in star-studded casts featuring Mirosław Baka, Wojciech Malajkat, Adam Woronowicz, Zbigniew Zamachowski and Katarzyna Żak.

Festiwal Festiwali Komedia Roku

Festivals of Festivals: Comedy of the Year

Performance / ECC / Theatre
Termin From 20 June 2016 till 26 June 2016

Miejsce Komedia Theatre

4. Night Half-Marathon

In order to celebrate ECC Wroclaw 2016, the route of 4. PKO Wroclaw Night Half-Marathon will feature live classical music or a multimedia project called P.I.W.O. (to be displayed at the East Wing of the Provincial Office of Lower Silesia). The Choir of Wroclaw Commentators will also perform for the runners.

4. Nocny Wrocław Półmaraton

4. Wroclaw Night Half-Marathon

Runs and Marathons / Sports Events / Tournaments / Outdoor Activities / ECC / Promoted Events
Termin 18 June 2016, between 9 pm and midnight

Miejsce Olympic Stadium

Festival of High Temperatures

This year's edition of the International Festival of High Temperatures is its ninth. For years, the event has been organised successfully by Wroclaw's Academy of Fine Arts, and it is Poland's only artistic event in which masters of fire share their knowledge and experience with the public as they present the secrets of their trade.

IX Festiwal Wysokich Temperatur

9. Festival of High Temperatures

Workshops / All Ages
Termin From 17 June 2016 till 19 June 2016

Miejsce Academy of Fine Arts

Underwater Wroclaw

The showcase of Wroclaw's underwater art, including photography, painting and graphic art, installations, fashion shows, multimedia presentations, films, workshops for children and a number of concerts by bands from Wroclaw and elsewhere. Some of the events are held at the Browar Mieszczański, while some other at the Świebodzki Railway Station.

Podwodny Wrocław 2016

Underwater Wroclaw 2016

Live music / All Ages / Music
Termin From 17 June 2016 5 pm to 18 June 2016 11:59 pm

Miejsce Browar Mieszczański