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Summer with culture. Selected events in Wroclaw

Where to go this summer? To the theatre, to an open-air performance or for free to the museum? Here you will learn which institutions are open in July and August and what attractions are available (often for free) in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw Open-Air Theatre

Performances were usually staged in August, but in the Tadeusz Różewicz Year, we can watch the Wroclaw poet and dramatist’s leading play The Card Index in Wroclaw parks every Sunday from 13th June (till 11th July), always at 6 p.m.

Wroclaw Puppet Theatre

In July, the Puppet Theatre plays on the first two weekends of July (2nd-4th and 9th-11th) and on the last two weekends of August (20th-22nd and 27th-29th).

Exhibitions in museums – on selected charge-free days

  • Wednesday (the Museum of Architecture)
  • Thursday (we can watch for free permanent exhibitions in the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum and in all branches of the City Museum of Wroclaw – the Historical Museum in the Royal Palace, the Museum of the Theatre at Plac Wolności, the Archaeological and Military Museum in the Arsenal at Cieszyńskiego, the Museum of Bourgeois Art in the City Hall, the Museum of Cemetery Art in the Jewish Cemetery, the Museum of Medallic Art in the Royal Palace)
  • Saturday (free entrance to the Museum of Post and Telecommunications).

Entrance to the National Museum is free, but schoolchildren and students aged from 7 to 26 years can buy special tickets at the price of 1 PLN for permanent exhibitions (against presentation of the valid identity card).

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