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New version of the cycling map of Wroclaw fot. Tomasz Hołod

The latest issue of the cycling map of Wroclaw is already available in paper and electronic version. It shows, among others, all cycle paths in the city. Stations of the Wroclaw City Bike are also marked there.

The map was published by the City Office in co-operation with the Plan publishing house. The paper version can be collected for free in the Podróżnik Bookshop, at ul. Wita Stwosza 19/20 and the Pod Arkadami Bookshop, at ul. Świdnicka 49 and at ul. G. Zapolskiej 4, in Room 503, from 8:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Rowerowa mapa Wrocławia 2021 from Wroclaw
New cycling map [PDF]


Traffic calming areas of max. 30 km/h are marked on the map. These areas should be safer by definition – traffic is less intense, cars move more slowly and trucks do not turn up. This may be useful in planning a daily commuting route or a travel route. Areas from which getting to the centre takes 15 or 30 minutes are also marked.

By bike against the traffic in permitted areas

The map contains marked locations of contraflow lanes and contraflow traffic (areas where bikers are allowed to ride in the opposite direction on one-way streets).

The contraflow lane is a lane created in a one-way road to allow bicycles to go “against the traffic”. Contraflow lanes can be encountered on roads where speed does not exceed 50 km/h. They are marked near the left edge of the road in the opposite direction towards the traffic by means of horizontal and vertical road signs.

Contralane traffic allows cyclists to move in the opposite direction on one-way roads at a speed of up to 30 km/h. In such cases, a special lane for cyclists is not marked. The permission to go against the traffic by bike is indicated by vertical road signs ("bikes allowed”) and horizontal road signs – pictograms of bikes with an arrow showing the direction and route of movement.

Cycle paths in the city and surrounding areas

The authors of the map did not forget about tourist routes in and around Wroclaw, either. Three of them are included on the map.

The first one is a 54 km loop around the city, called the Wroclaw Fortress Route. This route leads to 30 different military structures. An interesting supplement to such a trip is the guide ‘Military structures of Wroclaw’.

Another route is the cycling Oder Trail, which leads from the point where the river crosses the border of Poland to the Warta river mouth. The route initially connected Wroclaw to Głogów, but now, along with other Oder cycle paths, it forms one cycling route running from the Polish–Czech border to the river estuary to the Baltic Sea.

Another proposal is the international EuroVelo9 route that leads from the north to the south of Poland. The trail is known also as the Baltic–Adriatic route and runs for a distance of almost 2000 km from Gdańsk via Czech Republic and Slovenia to Pula (Croatia). Its course refers to one of the most famous European trails known as the Amber Road.

In Wroclaw, EuroVelo 9 starts in northern Wroclaw and runs from Pawłowice via Psie Pole, Zacisze, Plac Grunwaldzki, Plac Dominikański, Plac Kościuszki, Plac Powstańców Śląskich, Al. Gen. J. Hallera, to Muchobór Wielki and farther towards Krzeptów.

Wroclaw City Bike 

On the map, 200 Wroclaw City Bike stations are marked, with distinction between stations with a terminal and stations with a totem. On stations with a terminal, you can register, make a payment, file a complaint and pump up the tyres. In addition, the distance to each station (500 m), excluding the centre, is indicated – this will help you choose the station that is located closest to the point concerned.

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