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Medical studies at the Wroclaw University of Technology from 2023. Practical classes in seven hospitals

Tomasz Wysocki,

Medical studies at the Wroclaw University of Technology Wroclaw will be launched in October 2023. The university has concluded an agreement with the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesia Province and with seven hospitals in which practical classes will take place and where the personnel will lecture and conduct exercises.

‘This is another step to the development of a new great technical university modelled on Europe’s top universities. It will be based on such pillars as basic research, technical and engineering fields and medicine – the science that deals with the human body as the most complex system,’ said Professor Arkadiusz Wójs, the rector of the Wroclaw University of Technology. ‘Thanks to this co-operation, our university will both educate and employ doctors. Apart from that, medicine is joining a group of fields that are available in various Wroclaw universities, such as physics, chemistry or management,’ he added.

The opening of the new faculty is also a response to the lack of medical personnel – a problem being currently faced by hospitals. Candidates for studies will have the possibility of choosing their desired course of study, and the academic staff will have an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research.

The education process at the Faculty of Medicine will be conducted in co-operation with seven Wroclaw hospitals. On Thursday, agreements at the Wroclaw University of Technology were signed by:

  • Dominik Krzyżanowski, MD PhD – Director of the Jerzy Gromkowski Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wroclaw,
  • Adam Maciejczyk, MD PhD – Managing Director of the Lower Silesian Centre for Oncology, Pulmonology and Hematology in Wroclaw,
  • Katarzyna Kapuścińska – Director of the Tadeusz Marciniak Lower Silesian Specialist Hospital – the Centre for Emergency Medicine in Wroclaw,
  • Wojciech Tański, MD PhD – the commander of the 4th Military Clinical Hospital with a Polyclinic in Wroclaw,
  • Agnieszka Chrobak, PhD Eng, acting as Director of the Antoni Falkiewicz Specialist Hospital in Wroclaw,
  • Professor Wojciech Witkiewicz – Director of the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wroclaw,
  • Anna Farmas – Managing Director of the Professor Zbigniew Religa Centre for Heart Diseases ‘Medinet’.

The director of the Lower Silesian Medical Centre ‘Dolmed’ declared co-operation with the Wroclaw University of Technology, too.

The academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine of the Wroclaw University of Technology will largely consist of doctors with academic degrees and titles who are employed in these facilities.

Conducting a medical field of study requires the consent of the Minister for Education and Science. The university is completing an application in this matter, which will be filed in the first days of January.

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