Hugh Grant, Pierce Brosnan, Ken Loach and Pedro Almodóvar in Wrocław

The European Film Academy announced this year\\\'s EFA nominations on 5th November in Seville, Spain. The awards will be presented on 10th December at a gala held in the National Forum of Music. The ceremony is one of the flagship events that celebrate Wrocław as the European Capital of Culture 2016.

Pierce Brosnan is going to be an honorary guest at the gala. The actor is going to accept a lifetime achievement award for promoting European cinema globally..Pierce Brosnan, who is primarily known for his daring performance in the James Bond franchise, has been featured in more than 80 different film productions. The European Film Academy has awarded the actor in recognition of his "roles, which provide food for thought and are both moving and inspiring."

Pierce Brosnan to be awarded in Wrocław

The December gala at Wrocław's National Forum of Music is going to feature Hugh Grant, Isabelle Huppert, Ken Loach, Pedro Almódovar and Cristian Mungiu. They are all nominated to this year's European Flm Awards.

The EFA nominations were announced on the 5th November. Nominations:

Best European Feature Film 2016:

"Elle" dir. Paul Verhoeven

"I, Daniel Blake" dir. Ken Loach

"Julieta" dir. Pedro Almodóvar

"Room" dir. Lenny Abrahmson

"Toni Erdmann" dir. Maren Ade

Best European Documentary 2016:

"21 x New York" dir. Piotr Stasik

"A Family Affair" dir. Tom Fassaert

"Fire At Sea" dir. Gianfranco Rosi

"Mr. Gaga" dir. Tomer Heymann

"S Is For Stanley - 30 Years At The Wheel For Stanley Kubrick" dir. Alex Infascelli

"The Land Of The Enlightened" dir. Pieter-Jan De Pue

Best European Actor 2016:

Rolf Lassgard for "A Man Called Ove"

Hugh Grant for "Florence Foster Jenkins"

Dave Johns for "I, Daniel Blake"

Burhard Klaussner for "The People Vs. Fritz Bauer"

Peter Simonischek for "Toni Erdmann"

Javier Camara for "Truman Film"

Best European Actress 2016:

Isabelle Huppert for "Elle"

Emma Suarez and Adriana Ugarte for "Julieta"

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi for "Like Crazy"

Trine Dyrholm for "The Commune"

Sandra Huller for "Toni Erdmann"

Best European Director 2016:

Paul Verhoeven for "Elle"

Cristian Mungiu for "Graduation"

Ken Loach for "I, Daniel Blake"

Pedro Almódovar for "Julieta"

Maren Ade for "Toni Erdmann"

Best European Screenwriter 2016:

Cristian Mungiu for "Graduation"

Paul Laverty for "I, Daniel Blake"

Emma Donoghue for "Room"

Maren Ade for "Toni Erdmann"

Tomasz Wasilewski for "The United States of Love"

The European Film Award Gala in Wrocław will be broadcast live by TVN. Jean-Claude Carrière, who has made his name as "The Tin Drum" screenwriter, is also going to be awarded in Wrocław.

Nominations are submitted by the members of the European Film Academy. The award is presented in ten different categories. The galas are held in Berlin (every odd year), whereas every other year they have travelled to various European destinations, including London, Rome, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Riga. The winners received the Felix Statue until 1996. Since 1997, a new and unnamed statuette which is simply called the European Film Award has been presented.

The first EFA was awarded 28 years ago to Krzysztof Kieślowski for his "A Short Film About Killing". In 2014, the EFA was carried off by Paweł Pawlikowski for his "Ida", which was only a prelude to a well-deserved Oscar.