More flights from Wroclaw to Frankfurt

Lufthansa increases the number of flights on the route from Wroclaw to Frankfurt am Main. 6 additional flights per week will be added to the winter flight network.

An additional flight will be performed on every day of the week excluding Saturday. The plane will take off from Frankfurt at 4:40 pm and fromWroclawat 6:50 pm. One flight on this route lasts approx. 1 hour 20 minutes.

‘Lufthansa responds to a growing interest among passengers. The Frankfurt airport is one of the biggest airports inEurope. It is a convenient point of transfer to a flight to all major European cities and on transcontinental routes to Asia or North America,’ says Dariusz Kuś, President of theWroclawAirport.

It is worth mentioning that Frankfurt am Main is the second largest metropolitan area inGermanyand one of the strongest European economic regions.

The new flights make it also possible for businesspersons flying to Wroclaw to plan their business day in our city even more conveniently. For example, they can take a morning flight from Düsseldorf, arrive inWroclawat 8:15 am, spend the whole day there and fly back viaFrankfurtat 6:50 pm.

‘The economic importance ofWroclawcontinues to grow, which translates into demand for convenient business connections. This plays also a significant role for the carrier, which regularly develops its offer on routes to German airports,’ adds Dariusz Kuś, President of theWroclawAirport.

Altogether, the winter flight schedule will offer the passengers of theWroclawairport three flights per day toFrankfurtfrom Monday to Friday and on Sunday and two flights per day on Saturday.

‘Our increased involvement in theWroclawAirportis a reflection of good results and the growing demand for flights in the region. We appreciate the efforts being made by the Wroclaw airport to provide our passengers with a modern and passenger-friendly infrastructure that guarantees a pleasant experience to business and private customers flying to and from Wroclaw,’ says Frank Wagner, Country Manager Lufthansa Group in Poland.

All Lufthansa flights are already available in the carrier's booking system.

The schedule of international network flights offered fromWroclawis supplemented by Lufthansa flights toMunich(3 times per day) and SAS flights toCopenhagen(every day).