American Film Festival. Roman Gutek recommends

Find out more about the highlights of 7. American Film Festival, which kicks off on 25 October. The Director of the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema and the AFF Executiv Director recommends.

  • Paterson, directed by Jim Jarmusch, 2016 (screenings: 25th October, 19:00, 28th October, 17:45)

This is no coincidence that a feature film by Jim Jarmusch opens the seventh edition of the American Film Festival. This director is really dear to me, and I've been promoting his films for over 30 years now. "Paterson" is unique for Jarmusch in that it depicts an ordinary bus driver, his relationship with his wife, their daily life and its inherent magic. This is crystal-clear cinema. A simple and beautiful film. A real gem!

  • Gimme Danger, directed by Jim Jarmusch, 2016 (screenings: 28th October, 12:15, 29th October, 21:00)

I also have to recommend the other film by Jim Jarmusch about Iggy Pop and The Stooges. The artists have been friends for years and "Gimme Danger" is a tribute to the musicians. The film features a lot of great music and unique archive materials. This is already a good reason to see it.

  • David Lynch. The Art Life, directed by Jon Nguyen 2016 (screenings: 28th October, 21:00, 29th October, 12:45)

Jon Nguyen's documentary does depict Lynch the film-maker but the origins, development and formation of the personality and sensitivity of Lynch the artist. The film comes to an end when Lynch decides to make his début "Eraser Head". The picture brings a variety of materials and interviews and an extended conversation with the director and many other people about his early years, which proved to be formative for Lynch's artistic personality. Nguyen's documentary opens offers a new interperetion of Lynch's oeuvre in the light of his early works.

  • Bagdad Café, directed by Percy Adlon, 1987 (screenings: 27th October, 18:00, 30th October, 12:30)

Made by the German director Percy’ Adlon, the film was shot is the USA and is about the USA. The picture by Adlon will be featured in an important festival series inspired by the European Capital of Culture 2016. We were wondering how to combine the American Film Festival and the ECC and we came up with the idea to present films by European directors that depict the USA and are driven by the fascination with this enormous country and a melting pot of ethnicities, languages, cultures and landscapes. "Bagdad Café" is a simple and charming story, which is sometimes warm and sometimes funny.

  • American Honey, directed by Andrea Arnold, 2016 (screenings: 28th October, 20:30, 29th October, 17:30)

This is the first US-set picture by the British director Andrea Arnold, an interesting film driven by a profound fascination with America. "American Honey" depicts young people who travel across the USA, learn an adult life, go through their first initiations and gain their first experiences. This is a contemporary "Easy Rider", since each generation has to have a film about their generation.

This year's edition of the American Film Festival, which is its seventh, will be held from 21 to 30 October at the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema in Wrocław.