„5 o’Clark”, or new TV broadcast about Wrocław expats

They came here from the US, the UK or Italy. They fell in love with Wrocław and decided to put down roots in the city. Now they will be featured in a 13-episode broadcast called "5 o’Clark", available as of this Saturday on ATM Rozrywka.

"5 o’Clark" is a television talk show hosted by Terence Clark-Ward, an Englishman who runs Queen’s School of English in Wrocław. Terence invites other expats to the show. They meet to talk, usually in English, about why they chose to settle in Wrocław. They are going to face many intriguing and funny challenges.

The show is going to feature a juggler from France, Philip Fairweather showing his skills as a singer and Amanda Anthony from Malu-Mika in an episode showcasing her passion for ceramics. You will also see Jim Parton (he is the one who helped Robbie Williams write his biography), who is now a proud owner of the palace in Piotrowice Nyskie. A separate episode will be devoted to Marcello Murgia, the best recognised Italian in Wrocław.

The first, winter season of "5 o’Clark" has 13 episodes. The show's première is coming soon. Follow ATM Rozrywka on 4 March at 7.30 pm. The première episode brings a conversations with an English entrepreneur, Gareth Wrend, who helps expats to find their way around Wrocław.

"5 o’Clark" will also be available on Echo24 as of 20 March.