Wrocław Participatory Budget: Stabłowice Lake Regeneration

A new walking trail for pedestrians and grounds maintenance work in the vicinity of Stabłowice Lake. The project has been executed as part of the Wrocław Participatory Budget 2016.

Grounds maintenance work on the lake in the vicinity of ul Górecka, Stabłowicka and Główną is coming to an end. The Grounds Maintenance Office is now going through the validation stage. The results are impressive. The bushes were cleared and jetties were provided. The entire lake is now surrounded with a lane for pedestrians, which is an ideal choice for the local residents to have a relaxing and enjoyable walk. The construction and grounds maintenance work as part of the first stage in the project "Stabłowice Lake Regeneration: Sports, Leisure, Recreation. Grounds Maintenance in ul Górecka in Wrocław" is estimated at 459,757 PLN.

The lake in the vicinity of ul Górecka, Stabłowicka i Główna is a former clay pit pond. The former brickyard area was converted into new residential estates. The space around the lake was abandoned and served as a dumping ground (the lake attracted anglers only). In 2014, the project "Stabłowice Lake Regeneration: Sports, Leisure, Recreation. Grounds Maintenance in ul Górecka in Wrocław" was accepted as part of the Wrocław Participatory Budget.

The construction of new pedestrian lanes, piers, an outdoor gym and jetties for anglers was estimated at 500 thousand PLN. However, the Grounds Maintenance Office was unable to find a contractor to meet the Eventually, an agreement was made to divide the project into two stages. As part of Stage One, which is now coming to a close, new hard-paved lanes (1 km in length) and five wooden piers on oak stilts (5 piers nearly 100 metres in length in total) were provided. The entire project its aimed at regenerating an area that is 7.72 hectares in size (including the lake). Due to the natural characteristics of the area, trees and anthropogenic vegetation were left intact around the lake.

Stage Two in the Stabłowice Lake project

As part of Stage Two, a number of facilities will be provided, including jetties for anglers by the lake, an outdoor gym, street lamps and street furniture: benches, rubbish bins and bicycle racks.

The time line for Stage 2 in the project is yet to be announced. The project known as "Stabłowice Lake Regeneration: New Street Lamps" was submitted to the Wrocław Participatory Budget 2016, but failed to collect the satisfactory number of votes.

A comment from Katarzyna Szymczak-Pomianowska, Deputy Head of the Social Participation Bureau at the Wrocław City Office:

"500 thousand PLN was allocated to the project #266 Wrocław Participatory Budget 2016 "Stabłowice Lake Regeneration". Despite several tenders, the attempts to find a contractor have been unsuccessful. As a result, we've agreed with the project leader to divide the project into stages. Stage Two includes: jetties for anglers, an outdoor gym and street furniture. The Wrocław Participatory Budget are carried out in stages, largely due to the fact that it is very difficult to estimate the outlays at the verification stage. This can be done by designers only. Our observations suggest that the residents who see the progress in Stage One of the Wrocław Participatory Budget projects are also happy to mobilise their votes to drive Stage Two in the years to come. The maximum value of the project in the participatory budget is too low to secure funding for the entire investment. So it is necessary that we carry them out in stages, and many tasks have already been completed or will be completed in the coming year," says Katarzyna Szymczak-Pomianowska.