one website to rule them all

Wroclaw resounds all the languages of the world. Prestigious magazines and portals tourist announced enthusiastically: if you haven't know Wroclaw yet, you must visit this city! It has an interesting past, an original architecture, youthful energy and open, friendly locals.

People from all over Poland and foreigners alike are drawn to Wroclaw as a magnet by the events of the European Capital of Culture - concerts, exhibitions, outdoor events.
On Europe's tourist map Wroclaw is no longer a random stop between Berlin and Prague. It is a rich, interesting city that has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors. Check it yourself at

"The new portal is to be a source of reliable and interesting ideas to spend one's leisure time in our city," said Wioletta Samborska, Director of the City Promotion and Tourism Office of the City of Wroclaw. "We want the page to be co-created by the people who are natural ambassadors for the city. The unique ambience and atmosphere, which tourists mention so often, are in fact the merit of the open, engaged, creative and energetic residents of Wroclaw. The recommendations of the residents are to encourage tourists to explore Wroclaw and its unobvious spots.

The website assembles both important information and trivia about the city in one place. The guide, which includes essential tourist information, was divided into several tabs, e.g.: Useful Information, Travel to Wroclaw Travel in Wroclaw, Tourist information, Important phone numbers.

"The website allows quickly finding information about places to visit, cultural events, sports and music. It also includes information, which is the most interesting to tourists, namely: where to eat, where to sleep and what to visit," says Magdalena Najborowska-Pacamaj, Deputy Director of the City Promotion and Tourism Office.

You can also book a hotel through the portal. The website offers also adding Wroclaw catering and accommodation businesses to the database. It will also include routes and places recommended by the locals. At its launch, the website will operate in three languages: Polish, English and German, and further languages will be added in time. The main advantage of the portal is to be its simple and intuitive use, even on mobile devices.