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  3. The best delicacies from Ukraine for purchase in Wroclaw. Ukrainian shop Best Market has been opened.
In the photo, three women and a man in the Best Market store in Wrocław BM
In the photo, three women and a man in the Best Market store in Wrocław

They live and work in Wroclaw, but they miss their homeland. From today, they may not miss it so much. A large grocery shop with Ukrainian delicacies – Best Market – has been opened in Kameleon. Best Market advertises that it is offers products from around the world. The only products Best Market will not offer are goods from Russia. Why? There is no need to explain. See what you can buy in Best Market in the Kameleon Department Store.

Until the last Friday evening, going down Szewska street and passing by the Kameleon Department Store, we could see the last preparations and goods being arranged on the shelves behind the large windows. On Saturday 10th December, Best Market – a large Ukrainian shop with the best products of our eastern neighbour – was opened. The Best Market shop can be found on the ground floor of the Kameleon Department Store.

‘We offer the best products and everything that is missed by Ukrainians living in Wroclaw. We invite all Wroclaw inhabitants to taste Ukrainian delicacies,’ says Yelyzaveta Pavlova, a manager in Wroclaw’s Best Market.

In Best Market in Wroclaw, you can buy, e.g., Ukrainian lard, dried fish, snacks for beer, sturgeon caviar or trout caviar, smoked meats or pelmeni. The shop offers also black Lithuanian bread, Latvian rye bread and a large choice of sweets and layer cakes.

‘We have many products from Ukraine, but also from Lithuania, Moldova, Armenia or Georgia. The only things you will not find on our shelves are Russian products,’ stresses Yelyzaveta Pavlova.

There is a large choice of vodkas, meads, wines, bread drinks, juices and beverages from Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian draught beers. And Ukrainian confections: famous Kyiv meringue cakes, sweets, chocolates and cookies.

Best Market welcomed its first customers on Saturday 10th December, but the big opening ceremony is scheduled for Saturday 17th December. There will be discount offers and attractions for customers. ‘The first days will be a test period for us, and we are still waiting for the replenishment of stocks,’ adds Yelyzaveta Pavlova.

Best Market is on the ground floor of the Kameleon Department Store, at the intersection of Szewska and Oławska streets. Opening hours: Monday–Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Best Market will have 12 shops in all biggest cities of Poland by the end of 2022.

Best Market has existed since November 2019. It was founded by brothers Serhiy and Roman Kolesnyk – citizens of Ukraine. They come from Kirovohrad (Kropyvnytskyi) Oblast – it is one of Ukraine’s 24 oblasts situated in the central part of the country on the Dnieper River.

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