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  3. The 12th birthday of the terminal at Wroclaw Airport. The total number of passengers has just reached 30 million
30-millionth passenger Sharon Lowe received gifts and a voucher for the use of the Executive Lounge from the airport Wroclaw Airport
30-millionth passenger Sharon Lowe received gifts and a voucher for the use of the Executive Lounge from the airport

The new terminal at Wroclaw Airport has just welcomed its 30-millionth passenger. She flew in from Warsaw. Although the term ‘new’ has become obsolete, as the terminal turned 12 years old on 11th March! It is incredible how quickly time flies (sic!). Interestingly, the first flight from the new terminal was to Warsaw.

After 12 years, the 30-millionth passenger, Sharon Lowe from Canada, arrived from the capital of Poland aboard Polish Airlines’ LO3853 at 11:30 a.m.

In the Wroclaw terminal, a surprise was waiting for her. She received gifts from the airport and a voucher entitling her and an accompanying person to use the Executive Lounge – a stylishly arranged space where passengers can relax before the flight.

Cezary Pacamaj, President of Wroclaw Airport: ‘Twelve years ago, the terminal was opened with great hopes and dreams. Since then, the modern facility has become a window to the world not only for the inhabitants of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia, but also for passengers from around the country who often choose flights from our offer. I believe that the last year, which we closed with a record number of travellers, was a harbinger of many years of further development of the airport and unforgettable journeys for our passengers.’

Wroclaw Airport continues to grow

For those who remember the old terminal, it is clear that the opening of the new terminal has been a major qualitative change for Wroclaw Airport. Built within 29 months, the completed facility is one of the most modern in the country.

Karol Przywara, Vice-President of Wroclaw Airport: ‘The first international flights from Wroclaw were launched more than 30 years ago, and in the last decade, thanks to the new terminal, the number of flights from the capital of Lower Silesia has grown particularly rapidly. Last year, passengers could fly to 30 countries, with new destinations such as Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and charter flights to Kenya. At the beginning of April, the long-awaited Finland will be added to the schedule. Seasonal connections and flights to Denmark or Norway will also return.’

Wroclaw Airport continues to develop. A new hotel is being built, the expansion of the airside will soon start, and a terminal will be expanded at the next stage, too. The total value of the investment is 350 million PLN.

Przemysław Myszakowski, Vice-President of Wroclaw Airport: ‘Our investment plan includes both the creation of new infrastructure elements and the adaptation of existing facilities to the forthcoming changes. The largest expansion of the airside in Polish aviation will include, among other things, the construction of a new taxiway parallel to the runway, an aircraft parking apron and the construction of an aircraft de-icing facility. This will increase the airport's capacity and minimise the risk of flight schedule changes. The terminal will also be expanded with five new modules in the coming years, and all these investments will allow the airport to handle up to 10 million passengers a year.’

The last year was the best in the history of Wroclaw Airport. The airport served nearly 4 million passengers, breaking the pre-pandemic record by 16 per cent. The year 2024 can be even better. In the first two months, Wroclaw Airport improved its January and February results compared to the last year. If the current trend continues, the airport will surpass last year’s results and may approach the level of 4.5 million passengers.

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