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  3. Representatives of UEFA and PZPN in Wroclaw. Preparations for the Conference League final in 2025 already under way
Tarczyński Arena Stadium Tarczyński Arena
Tarczyński Arena Stadium

On Tuesday and Wednesday (23rd-24th January), the delegation of several officials of the UEFA and the Polish Football Association [PZPN] visited Tarczyński Arena Wrocław. It was the first in a series of working meetings regarding the UEFA Conference League final scheduled for 28th May 2025. Along with representatives of the stadium and the Wroclaw City Office, the guests took part in works covering individual sectors with regard to the organisation of an event of continental rank.

‘This visit is the second important milestone in the perspective of the UEFA Conference League 2025 final on the Wroclaw stadium after the nomination from the UEFA,’ says Rémi Decouacon, UEFA’s Event Manager.

The event in Wroclaw has the potential of being the biggest UEFA Conference League final in history for two reasons. First: the stadium fulfils its task perfectly, is in an excellent condition and offers a large number of seats. Second: the city itself has a lot to offer. The UEFA final requires many efforts from all interested parties, but it is a great opportunity for the stadium and the city to receive football fans from around Europe.

New format and biggest stadium in the history of Conference League finals

Importantly, the UEFA Conference League 2024-2025 season ending in the match in the capital of Lower Silesia will be the first one in a new competition format. It will feature 36 teams (instead of 32, as previously) that will not be divided into groups of 4 teams. Instead, each team will play 6 matches (3 home matches, 3 away matches), each against a different opponent. The next stage of the competition will be a knockout phase. There will be no relegation system (for example, from UEFA Champions League to UEFA Europa League). The name ‘UEFA Europa Conference League’ will be shortened to UEFA Conference League.

The previous finals of this competition were held in Tirana and Prague. The last match of the current season will be played in Athens. None of the stadiums hosting the most important meeting of UEFA Europa Conference League can boast such a big capacity that Tarczyński Arena has, so Wroclaw has a real chance for a record attendance in the history of finals of this continental league!

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