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The painting of Bastion Sakwowy has started. Here, a ceiling is being painted Oleksandr Poliakovsky
The painting of Bastion Sakwowy has started. Here, a ceiling is being painted

Winter has eased up, so the team started to paint Bastion Sakwowy [Saddlebag Bastion]. The contractors have a lot of work to do – sometimes they will have to be very precise. They started by painting coffers, and we can already see bright colours. At this stage, we can suppose that not everyone will like these colours, but their selection was preceded by meticulous expertises and research on historical sources.

What we show on photographs, does not have to be identical when seen in the flesh. Although our photographer handled the white balance so as to reproduce real colours as best as possible, much depends on the weather and the time of day – that is, on daylight. The surroundings also play an important role. The background for the Bastion is grey and brown for the time being, but it will be green and flowered in May.

Bastion Sakwowy and its journey in time

On the other hand, since people in pre-war Wroclaw liked such decor of the Bastion, it should appeal to a large part of the current inhabitants, too.

Daniel Gibski, Lower Silesian Provincial Monument Conservator: ‘The original scope of colours was initially determined as a result of stratigraphic studies carried out twice by a restorer of works of art. It is a standard procedure in the case of facilities under conservation protection. As a matter of principle, such studies are limited to certain points and may be verified during works and on the basis of available iconographic and other materials. This is exactly what happened here...

It is worth stressing that the selection of colours consumed a lot of time. The determination of the original pre-war colour palette was preceded by painting attempts and the selection of shades for individual colours.

Colour samples – modern paints put directly inside the peristyle according to research indications – were analysed on the spot. Relatively strong colour combinations were softened as a result of verification, mainly on the basis of original plasters with original paints discovered in the course of works.

Daniel Gibski, Lower Silesian Provincial Monument Conservator

The final effect of the revitalisation of the Bastion should be stunning to many people. There may be critics, too, but we suggest expressing the final opinion only after a majority of works are finished.

A cup of coffee or dinner in the Bastion

Apart from that, the reconstruction of details in the peristyle pavilion is under way. They are made of ceramic plaster and fitted under the ceiling. Such a facility must teem with life, so the city is already looking for tenants. Of course, strictly specialised tenants who would run a restaurant and a café.

Painting works are not the only ones being performed on the premises. Decorative barriers, lamps and lanterns are being added. We will soon inform you how the Bastion is changing.

The Bastion is the key element of Partisans’ Hill, but the whole thing matters. Therefore, Wrocławskie Inwestycje put out a tender for a concept of the footbridge leading to the hill from the Podwale side. The hill itself will be revitalised by the City Green Administration.

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