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Winter months are always critical for persons left without shelter. According to the data of the Municipal Social Welfare Centre, there are around 900 homeless persons in Wroclaw. Where can they seek help in Wroclaw? Below you will find addresses and contact details of institutions providing help in the season 2022/2023.

How to call for help for a person hit by homelessness when it is cold?

You can contact the homeless and refugee team in the Municipal Social Welfare Centre (MOPS). MOPS will send a social worker where necessary. Its phone numbers are: 71 78 23 580, 71 78 23 584.

In an emergency outside the office hours, you can contact, e.g., the Homo Sacer Foundation (531 261 278). The Foundation can send one of its streetworkers to the relevant place.

Provisional help, such as transport to a night shelter, can also be provided by the Wroclaw Municipal Police (phone: 986) or the Police (phone: 997).

Wroclaw policemen appeal to inhabitants to report all cases where anyone’s life or health may be in danger in the winter season. Information about places where the homeless gather can be reported by phone or via National Safety Threat Map.

It is also worth noting people in a difficult situation who cannot afford to pay heating costs.

Eateries – Słowiańska, Kasprowicza, Monte Cassino

  • ‘Caritas’ Social Centre of the Archdiocese of Wroclaw. Słowiańska 17, phone: 71/ 372-19-86
  • Eatery at the Franciscan Monastery. Al. Kasprowicza 26, phone: 71/327-35-93
  • Sancta Familia Foundation. Monte Cassino 64, phone: 71/348-32-30

Clothes – Bujwida, Dubois

  • Polish Red Cross. Bujwida 34, phone: 71/328-02-54
  • Polish Social Welfare Committee. Dubois 11/13, phone: 71/ 328-70-73. Clothes are dispensed on Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.; legal advice is provided on Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Baths – Katedralna, Małachowskiego

  • Katedralna 7, phone: 71/ 327-13-16 – open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Małachowskiego 13, phone: 71/ 717-34-25

Temporary warm shelter at Gajowicka

  • Temporary Warm Shelter for the Homeless – St. Brother Albert’s Aid Society, Wroclaw Circle. Gajowicka 62, open from 1st October 2022 till 30th April 2023 – phone: 530-712-650; Free helpline: 0-800-292-137.

Shelters (including night shelters) in Wroclaw

  • Ludzie Ludziom [People for People] Aid Society – Shelter – Men’s social home Obornicka 58A, phone: 71/ 329-08-06
  • Brother Albert’s Aid Society, Wroclaw Circle – Women’s shelter. Strzegomska 9, phone: 71/355-44-66
  • Brother Albert’s Aid Society, Wroclaw Circle – Shelter for homeless men. Bogedaina 5, phone: 71/336-70-07, free helpline: 0 800 292 137
  • Brother Albert’s Aid Society, Wroclaw Circle – Night shelter for homeless men. Małachowskiego 15, phone: 71/ 717-34-25
  • Brother Albert’s Aid Society, Wroclaw Circle – Shelter for homeless men in Szczodre. Trzebnicka 28, 55-090 Długołęka, phone: 71/ 399-86-12
  • Nadzieja [Hope] Society of the Homeless – Shelter for single mothers and families with children. Pieszycka 32, phone: 71/392-59-12
  • Plus Minus Society – Shelter for the homeless – Dom Ciepła (Heated Home). Reymonta 8, phone: 71/ 329-10-39
  • Pierwszy Krok [First Step] – Shelter for the homeless. Jedności Narodowej 187a, phone: 71/ 342-00-68
  • Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Society of Mutual Aid, Shelter for the Homeless – Support Centre. Lelewela 23/2, phone: 71/341-28-97
  • Akson Aid Society – Shelter for homeless women – Women’s home. Gliniana 28/30, phone: 71/367-14-15
  • Misja Dworcowa [Railway Station Mission] Society – Home for mothers with minor children and pregnant women. Pomorska 16 b, phone: 71/321-05-50
  • Homo Sacer Foundation – Shelter for homeless men – Integrated Home. Boya-Żeleńskiego 35, phone: 531 261 278

Free helpline, social welfare, info point for foreigners

  • Free round-the-clock helpline for people in need served by the Provincial Crisis Management Centre: 800 166 079
  • Social welfare: Municipal Social Welfare Centre, Homeless and Refugees’ Affairs Team Zachodnia 3, rooms 1–8, phone: (0-71) 78-23-584
  • Info point for foreigners: Infolink Wroclaw, Pl. Dominikański 6, room 13, open Monday–Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Streetbus – a bus with hot meals

On 17th November, the Streetbus – a bus for the homeless and people in a difficult life situation – resumes its regular daily service. It will be possible to get in, warm up and eat a hot meal. Passengers can also talk to streetworkers, who will suggest available means of help.

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