New Year's Eve in Wrocław

Two stages in the Market Square, Wrocław-based artists playing live, video mapping displays at nearby town houses, the largest show in Poland featuring Tibetan gongs and massive fireworks at the end. This year's New Year's Eve celebrations in Wrocław will be broadcast live by Wirtualna Polska.

Wrocław-based artists will be performing on two different stages to celebrate this year's New Year's Eve in Wrocław. "We are keen to create a club atmosphere. The artists will playing for the audience in the Market Square," says Konrad Imiela. "We will be playing live. The first stage (in plac Gołębi) serves as the Mind, and the second (in plac Solny) as the Heart of the festivities. This time round we don't have to adjust our programme to the needs of a TV broadcast, and so we don't offer two different scenes instead of just one," says Konrad Imiela.

With video mapping displays on the nearby town houses, the audience will be truly immersed in image and sound throughout the New Year's Eve festivities. "We will also be playing short video clips to summarise the EEC festivities in Wrocław" say the organisers.

Wrocław-based artists are going to take turns to perform on both stages. Mind is going to feature: Frühstück, Miloopa, Capitol Musical Theatre ("Rat Pack" repertoire) and L.U.C. with the Rebel Babel Orchestra. Heart is going to feature: Blade Loki, Micromiusik, Alicja Janosz i Goście, Mesajah and Girls on Fire.

"We are going to say hello to New Year with L.U.C. and the Rebel Babel Orchestra Heart and Mind are going to come together at midnight. It is still a mystery what this midnight feature is going to bring. Girls on Fire are going to follow," explains Konrad Imiela.

Wrocław Mayor is going to welcome the arrival of New Year with a short speech. The show comes to an end on a mystical note with Poland's largest concert featuring several dozen massive Tibetan gongs.

"Our goal is to bring a lot of good music, illumination and enjoyment to the residents of Wrocław," says Wrocław Mayor Rafał Dutkiewicz. "The New Year's Eve festivities serve as coda to the European Capital of Culture 2016 in Wrocław and are there to show that we truly deserve the title."