Legal aid to foreign visitors or residents

The municipal authorities of Wrocław have entered into an agreement with the District Bar Association. This will open up a possibility to provide free legal assistance to foreign visitors or residents exposed to racist abuse.

Additionally, the Wrocław Centre for Social Development is going to open a special fund for the residents to subsidise a number od services, including counselling for victims.

Legal assistance for victims

“Since the publication of the Wrocław Strategy for Intercultural Dialogue, Director Jacek Sutryk together with Andrzej Gawliński, Dean of the District Bar Association in Wrocław, have been working on concluding an agreement to provide legal assistance to the victims. It can now be confirmed that the agreement has been concluded. The agreement addresses cases similar to the one from last Saturday in Dominikański Square: an appointed lawyer will provide legal aid to the victim free of charge,” explained President Rafał Dutkiewicz

Assistance fund to aid foreign visitors

Additionally, all other costs that are not related to legal defence, e.g. allocated to counselling or court costs, are to be covered in the future with the funds accumulated on a special account that will be opened by the Wrocław Centre for Social Development. The Wrocław fund will be collecting means to support the victims.

Wrocław, or an open city

„There are currently over 100,000 foreign residents in the Wrocław Agglomeration; they come from over 120 different countries around the world. Wrocław is becoming an international city and we would also like it to be an open one. That’s why we take steps to protect our foreign residents,” recaps Wrocław Mayor Rafał Dutkiewicz.

Agreement’s preamble

„This agreement, concluded by the Mayor of Wrocław and the Dean of the District Bar Association, is an expression of solidarity with the victims and victims of crimes of a nationalist, ethnic, ethnic, religious and racist nature. We undertake cooperation with a conviction that it is necessary to provide an instant legal assistance to the victims. Given the great social noxiousness of human rights violations in such cases, we wish to restore public order, which we encourage in our city in the spirit of the tradition of Christianity, humanism and openness, by facilitating access to immediate help in pursuing justice and redress.”