Jazztopad 2016. Stars: Wayne Shorter, Jason Moran

Jazztopad will be held in the premises of the National Forum of Music. Among its stars there will be pianist Jason Moran and saxophonist Wayne Shorter, who composed their new songs particularly for the Wrocław festival. The event will last from 17th November till 27th November.

  • wayne shorter jazztopad

    Wayne Shorter/photo: Tomasz Walków

  • marcin masecki

    Marcin Masecki on the cover of ‘Ruch Muzyczny’

  • wayne shorter jazztopad

    Wayne Shorter/photo: Tomasz Walków

Piotr Turkiewicz, the artistic director of Jazztopad, does not let grass grow under his feet; he keeps heating up the atmosphere around the event and continues the idea of inviting famous jazzmen and asking them to compose works particularly for the festival. The results are diverse – some commissioned music works are not equally good, but it is worth remembering the best ones, such as suites by Terje Rypdal or Charles Lloyd recorded on prestigious albums of ECM and Blue Note labels.



Time from 17th November 2016 till 27th November 2016

Place National Forum of Music

Jazztopad commissions music from stars

We have commissioned three works this year and all of them are far from trivial. Already on 17th November, a new work will be presented by Jason Moran – one of the currently most appreciated jazz pianists, who has already performed at Jazztopad in Wrocław (in a quartet with Charles Lloyd). He became interested in Wrocław, studied the music history of the city and will show a project prepared in collaboration with Wrocław artists.

The next evening will also be worth waiting for, because a commission was accepted by legendary saxophonist Wayne Shorter (a member of Miles Davis Quintet). This is his first composition for a Polish festival, which is particularly significant because he has collaborated only with four music partners (including Jazztopad) this year. His work will be written for a jazz quartet and a brass section of 9 persons (to be played by LutosAir from Wrocław) and will be performed for the first time in NFM on 18th November. After Jazztopad, the new compositions by Moran and Shorter will be played during London Jazz Festival as a part of co-operation between both festivals.

The third commissioned work, composed by pianist Marcin Masecki (for a piano, a brass section of 12 persons and a choir of 12 persons), will be played on 26th November. What else will we experience at Jazztopad?

Concerts of artists from many countries who represent many diverse styles and traditions. One of them is a Hungarian ensemble led by cymbalist Lukacs Miklós (known for having recorded a Jazztopad suite with Charles Lloyd for Blue Note). Apart from them, on the Hungarian Day of 21st November, we will hear also the music of two other ensembles: AMP Trio and Grencso Open Collective.

Japanese musicians in Wrocław apartments

On 19th November, there will be a concert of Ricardo Gallo Cuarteto, a recognised representative of the Colombian jazz scene, and on 27th November, Hugh Masekeli from Africa will perform along with jazzmen invited by him. We also wish to draw your attention to two concerts with improvised Japanese music, which will be played by Asian artists also in private apartments (this year for two days from 26th till 27th November).