go.wroclaw.pl – make the most of your free time with us

Wroclaw offers a lot of daily entertainment opportunities, including live music, meetings, lectures, films, theatre, events outdoors, in clubs and in urban space. Hence the idea to bring a new web platform called go.wroclaw.pl.

The offer has been divided into 9 categories: cinema, theatre and opera, sport and leisure, music, entertainment, literature, education and personal development, other. You can browse events by date or target group (e.g. children, elderly), and there is also a separate filter to search ECC-related events (www.wroclaw.pl/go/events/ecc). Find out what's on at cinemas and theatres, events at the National Forum of Music or the Capitol Music Theatre or local cultural centres.

Outdoor events are known to enjoy much popularity. Topical events such as St Nicholas' Day or St Valentine's Day or winter holidays are also quite frequent in the line-up.
go.wroclaw.pl features descriptions of both large events that are targeted at a mass audience and more intimate events organised by clubs, libraries or sports clubs.

Make the most of your day and enjoy the city with go.wroclaw.pl.