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Foreign residents in search of flat

Finding a right flat is key to foreign nationals who decide to relocate and work in Wroclaw. Our guide provides information on how to find and rent a flat in Wroclaw.

Where, what and how much are some of the vital questions that foreign residents in Wroclaw have to answer. Find out more about this with Property Agent Paulina Jędrusik.

Which part of the city is the most popular?

„Our clients, especially young people, are particularly keen to seek flats along Wroclaw's main transportation routes. They seek housing in the following areas: ul Powstańców Śląskich, Legnicka, Grabiszyńska and in the city centre. They find it particularly important to be able to travel freely and access other parts of the city by bus or tram.

How much does it cost to rent a studio or one bedroom flat, What are the additional costs?

„Wroclaw is extremely varied when it comes to the prices of flats.. The price primarily depends on the location of the property and the type of housing, that is, whether you are dealing with a tenement or a newly developed building. The standard determines the price. Roughly speaking, in order to buy a studio you need to spend 150 thousand PLN for a flat in the suburbs and 220 thousand PLN and more in a newly developed building in the city centre. As for one bedroom flats, the prices range from 175 thousand PLN for smallest flats (ca. 33 sqm) in the market to 350 thousand PLN for larger flats or in newly developed buildings in the city centre. These prices are for your information only, as you can come across real bargains or more expensive luxury apartments. The buyer incurs the costs of the transaction. The commission is usually several per cent of the price depending on the type of the property.

How many foreign nationals rent flats in Wroclaw?

„A growing number of foreign nationals are looking for a flat in Wroclaw. If you seek to let your flat to a foreign professional, it is important that your property reaches a certain standard.”

Is there any general standard or the offers may vary?

„Unfortunately, there is no accepted standard both visually (furnishings, decoration, etc.) and legally, that is, in the agreements to be signed by the lessee. It goes without saying that a higher standard is provided by those who have several flats on offer or by professional agencies.”

What do you need to focus on or remember while looking for a flat?

„One key thing apart from the price is whether you like the flat, there are no ownership issues and the agreement is clear. I know from my own experience that the more detailed the agreement is the fewer problems are going to come up in the future. So it is worth meeting the owner to discuss all the points that you find vague or suggest points that you find important and are missing in the agreement. Should you have any doubts, please remember that it is always the best solutions to discuss.”

Looking for a flat: on your own or through agency?

So, it is worth finding a flat before you arrive in Poland. You will spare a few stressful moments both to yourself and your family. However, looking for a flat on your own (especially if you are yet to arrive) may turn out to be quite difficult, which is why it worth using the services of professional real estate agencies. A lot of ads are available on the Internet free of charge. You may also want to join special groups at social networking sites such as Facebook, as the owners often use them to post their ads directly, without any intermediaries. You should bear in mind that real estate agencies usually charge commission for their services that is tantamount to half or one month's rent. That being said, real estate agencies can provide you with a safety net. Whenever there is a dispute between a landlord and a tenant, the agency may step in to resolve the issue.

What to focus on when signing a lease agreement:

  • If the lessee intends to rent an apartment for a larger group of people or is expecting his or her family to arrive any time soon and join them for a longer period of time, the names of all the tenants with their passport numbers should be added to the lease agreement. This is required for your family to obtain a temporary residence permit.
  • Additionally, foreign nationals who apply for a residence permit are also required to provide their proof of address, e.g. their current lease/purchase agreement and the document that shows they are residing in Poland legally make them eligible for a temporary residence card, which in turn is prerequisite to obtaining a residence permit.

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