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Do not go into the Odra River, do not let your dogs run into it!

Although the weather encourages and tempts you to seek refreshment in the water, don't do it. In connection with the detection of toxic substances, the Wody Polskie in Wroclaw is appealing to residents of towns along the riwer

Odra River and tourists staying by the river: do not enter Odra, do not bathe, do notlet animals into the water.

The appeal applies to both people and dogs under the care of their owners. It is also not recommended to fish in the Odra River and prepare meals from them.

What has poisoned the Odra River? A toxic substance has been detected in the river

A sudden plague of fish in the Odra River was observed near Wroclaw two weeks ago. Since July 31 July, more than 7 tons of dead fish have been fished out of the river. It is likely that the river was contaminated with solvent. The case is being investigated by the police.The water in Wroclaw's taps is safe, reassures the Municipal Enterprise Water and Sewage Systems in Wroclaw.

The water that flows in Wroclaw's taps is taken from the Olawa and Nysa Klodzka rivers, not the Odra. It goes through a number of different purification processes and also laboratory analysis.

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