Cloister garths and city gardens

Enclosed by historic buildings and unknown to many, these former cloister garths, courtyards and gardens are nonetheless worth visiting. These charming places are still shrouded in mystery.

  • Architecture Museum. Photograph: Tomasz Walków

Many residents of Wroclaw now realise that, for years, they have been passing by unique and beautiful places. These places are usually located in former monastery buildings. Once restored, they have transformed into real gems of historic architecture. Real enclaves of greenery, they are also great places to relax away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Courtyard and cloister garth map

  1. City Arsenal courtyard. Located on the outer rims of the Old Town but still within medieval city walls.
  2. Ossolineum Garden, ul Szewska. Baroque garden between ul Szewska and the pass connecting it with Plac Nankiera
  3. Cloister garth at the Ossolineum. One of the most stunning places in the entire city centre.
  4. Cloister garth at the Institute of Philology, Plac Nankiera 15. This enclave of green is hidden in a 13th-cenuty former Franciscan monastery building
  5. Garden at the Papal Faculty of Theology. The Botanical Garden aside, this is the largest public garden in the whole of Ostrów Tumski.
  6. Closter garth at the Architecture Museum, ul Bernardyńska 5. This atmospheric cloister garth at the Architecture Museum is what remains from a former Observant monastery.
  7. Courtyard at the Institute of Anthropology. The earliest dated Wroclaw University building.