Breast-Feeding Point in Wrocław

Four Municipal Libraries in Wrocław are launching dedicated Breast-Feeding Points for mums to feed their babies in a comfortable environment. The points are open within the libraries’ working hours. Municipal Libraries No.

23, 44, 22 and 16 are involved in the programme.

Municipal Libraries No. 23 at Bulwar Ikara 29–31, No. 44 at ul Powstańców Śląskich 210, No. 22 at ul Chociebuska 8–10 and No. 16 at ul Kolista 17 are now providing dedicated breast-feeding points fitted out with a large and comfortable armchair, screen and baby changing table.

Breast-feeding points are located in cosy and suitably decorated spots for mums to feed their babies in a comfortable environment. Children’s books are located within an easy reach of the parents and their babies.

The breast-feeding network will soon be extended

In the coming months similar points will be launched in other libraries across Wrocław. The number of breast-feeding facilities will continue to grow in the Municipal Library network, which boasts 37 different libraries across Wrocław.

Baby changing tables in municipal offices:

  • Nowy Targ 1-8: a baby changing table in the toilet;
  • Nowy Targ 1-8: a room for breast-feeding mums; comes with a baby changing table, bottle warmer, wash basin, microwave oven, children's corner with a little table and chair, etc.;
  • Zapolskiej 4,: a room with a baby changing table, little table and armchairs;
  • Registrar’s Office at Włodkowica 20: a baby changing table in the toilet upstairs;
  • Kotlarska 41: a baby changing table;
  • Kotlarska 44: a baby changing table.