Bombardier launches new 250-million-PLN factory floor

At least 100 people are going to find jobs at the newly launched Bombardier Transportation factory floor. The company has allocated nearly 250 million PLN for the investment. The formal opening was held on Thursday, 3rd November 2016.

More capacity, more jobs

20 thousand sqm in size, the recently completed site is going to turn out high-speed train bodyworks. The production process is expected to start at the beginning of November. The investment brings 100 new jobs, the total headcount in the branch growing to 800 people.

"The cutting edge factory floor is here to develop the skills of our personnel and the site's production capacity," says Bombardier Transportation Representative in Poland Janusz Koćmin. "We are looking forward to reinforcing our ties with the Polish market and providing solutions for Poland's railway transportation system. That's why we are now launching a recruitment process in the company. We are now planning to expand our personnel to 1000 people in Wrocław."

"The investment of this size in Wrocław demonstrates that the city is developing in the right direction," said Wrocław Deputy Mayor Wojciech Adamski during the formal opening of the site. "This is how the city authorities should cooperate with local businesses."

Latest technologies

Equipped with brand new 3D laser welding technology, the factory floor will be delivering trains for Deutsche Bahn The investment is also going to reinforce the role of the Wrocław factory in the global railway market.

"Bombardier is just destined to be competitive," says Ambassador of Canada to Poland Stephen de Boer. The company's edge is all about latest technologies and not reducing the costs of production.

The Bombardier site in Wrocław takes up the space of over 190 thousand sqm and specialises in the manufacturing of modern bodyworks and crab frames for a variety of trains and railway vehicles. The chief products manufactured in Wrocław include: bodyworks for Bombardier TRAXX engines used in Poland, Europe and North America as well as bodyworks for new S-Bahn solutions in Hamburg, Germany. The Wrocław site has manufactured nearly 2.4 thousand engines and over 16 thousand crab frames to date.

One of the oldest rolling stock factories

Wrocław's Bombardier is the oldest rolling stock factory in Poland and one of the oldest in the whole of Europe. With the operations launched in the 1830s, the factory boasts ca. 180 years of tradition in rolling stock manufacturing. Converted into PAFAWAG in 1945, the site was acquired by Bombardier in 2001.

Bombardier Transportation's Head Office is located in Berlin, but the company sells its product and services to over 60 different countries globally. More than 100 thousand vehicles from Bombardier are now in use worldwide. The business provides solutions for the railway industry while offering sustainable mobility products and services.

Bombardier Transportation is one of the world's leading electric engine manufacturers. The Wrocław branch specialises in bodywork production. The site also produces sub-assemblies to be used in other Bombardier Transportation vehicles, including crab frames for high-speed trains, multiple units for regional rail services as well as tram and underground train carriages. The company gives jobs to 1,500 people in Poland. The management board has just announced a plan to increase their staff to 2,000 thousand people next year..

Bombardier Transportation is a subsidiary to Bombardier, one of the world's leading train and aeroplane manufacturers. Bombardier's Head Office is located in Montreal, Canada.


The Wrocław dwarves family have just expanded. A new dwarf clutching at the speeding train was unveiled to celebrate the formal opening of the new Bombardier Transportation factory floor.