An agreement for an electric car rental

Wrocław has signed an agreement with Enigma company to create and lead an urban electric car rental. There will be 200 cars including 10 light commercial vehicles at our disposal. An eco-friendly car will be available for rental probably on Spring 2018 in Wrocław. It is the first such project in Poland.

There will be at least 200 electric cars at residents of Wroclaw and tourists’ disposal. 190 Nissan Leaf cars and 10 electric light commercial cars if there will be a necessity to transport the more weight. There will be also 12 charging stations for example next to supermarkets and petrol stations.

To encourage people to use green vehicles, users of the system will have privileges. The city will show places, where besides urban communication, drivers of electric cars will have a possibility to drive. They will drive also on some buspasses. 

We will drive without keys

-Every person willing rent a car has to have a driving license. It will be verified. Localization of car will be controlled by system operator on GPS map. We will try to organize online registration. There will be also Service Centre – says Paweł Andrzej Luksic, the president of Enigma company. 

Cars will be opened and run by an application. It is very significant that if we will hire a car there will be no need to return it to a special station (like Wrocławski Rower Miejski). We will have a possibility to return an electric car to a defined legal area. There will be 200 defined special parking places in a paid parking zone.

Special parking places will be in the city center, on Solny Square, Ostrów Tumski, near to Grunwaldzki Square or the Centennial Hall. Details and prices for rental will be developed. – At the moment we evaluate that it will be on level – 1 zł for 1 minute of rental. But there is still a need of analysis – say Enigma’s representatives. 

12 month for realization

Vice president has signed an agreement on the City’s behalf. Enigma company has to create a rental system in 12 months. During this time, there will be created detailed regulations for rental. An agreement for system operator will be in force from the date on which it is signed during 5 years. Electric car rental will be available probably Spring 2018. It will be the first such a system in Poland.