26-28.08 – Borowska/Dyrekcyjna track is reopened

From 26th August 2016 (Friday), after the completion of track works as a part of the rebuilding of the Borowska/Dyrekcyjna intersection, changes will be introduced in the tram transport system.

From 26th till 27th August 2016, for the time of disassembly of the tram track termination at ul. Borowska near the Dworzec Autobusowy stop, tram lines no. 31 and 32 will run from the Main Railway Station in both directions across ul.Małachowskiego and Pułaskiego to Plac Wroblewskiego.

Trams return onto their normal routes

Upon completion of all preparation works relating to the rebuilt tram track at the intersection of ul. Borowska and Dyrekcyjna, from 28th August 2016 (Sunday), trams on lines no. 8, 9, 15, 31 and 32 will return onto their normal traffic routes to the Tarnogaj balloon loop, Park Południowy and to the Gaj route termination located at ul. Świeradowska.
The replacement tram line no. 79 and bus lines no. 708, 709 and 732 will be withdrawn from operation.

Bus on diversion routes

Due to the ongoing reconstruction of ul. Dyrekcyjna, night bus lines no. 241, 243, 245, 246, 247, 249, 251, 253, 255, 257 and 259 will continue to operate with the exception of stops located at ul. Sucha.

Changes in N and 122

At the same time, for the purpose of more convenient transport to the Main Railway Transport, a change of routes of the fast bus line N and the normal bus line no. 122 will be introduced from 28th August 2016 (Sunday).

Bus lines N will run in both directions from Plac Dominikański through ul. Piotra Skargi, Kołłątaja, Peronowa and Borowska to the balloon loop located at ul. Petrusewicza.

The bus line no. 122 in the direction from Nowy Dwór and Popowice to the Main Railway Station will run from ul. Swobodna across ul. Borowska, Peronowa, Piłsudskiego, Małachowskiego and Pułaskiego to the final stop at ul. Sucha (bus stop located on the level of the intersection with ul. Joannitów).

In the opposite direction, i.e., towards Popowice, Kuźniki and Nowy Dwór, buses will start their route from ul. Sucha and run directly into ul. Swobodna.