Ouarter Of Four Denominations Always Bustles

The quarter with Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Jewish places of worship awaits tourists. Check out their opening hours.

  • The Quarter of Four Denominations; photo: wroclaw.pl

    The Quarter of Four Denominations; photo: wroclaw.pl

  • Synagogue Under White Stork; fot. wroclaw.pl

    Synagogue Under White Stork; fot. wroclaw.pl

  • The Orthodox Cathedral of the Birth of the Our Most Holy Lady

    The Orthodox Cathedral of the Birth of the Our Most Holy Lady, photo: www. wroclaw.pl

  • The Providence Church

    The Lutheran Providence Church, photo: wroclaw.pl

  • The Quarter of Four Denominations; photo: wroclaw.pl

    The Quarter of Four Denominations; photo: wroclaw.pl

Temples open for sightseeing

Outside religious services, when sightseeing is not advised, each temple is open for sightseeing every day at all times, and organized groups after pre-arrangement. "The Providence Church is open in summer every day until 19:00 - said Joanna Korsan from the Quarter Of Mutual Respect Of Four Denominations Foundation. "If an organized group would like to see the evangelical church, they ought to report to its office in business hours" adds Joanna Korsan. The office is opened on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 to 14 and on Tuesdays from 14 to 18.

A catholic church at ul. św. Antoniego is also open during the day. Additionally, everyone interested in sightseeing the inside of temple can visit it on Sundays after 13.00. Also available for sightseeing, after pre-arrangement, is the Orthodox cathedral of the Birth of the Our Most Holy Lady.

An interesting place to see is also the Synagogue Under the White Stork, open every day apart from Saturdays (Mon - Thu 10-17, Fri 10-16 and Sun 11-16). Individual sightseeing of the first and the second empora in the synagogue is free. The synagogue is closed on Jewish holidays, during concerts and rehearsals.

For music enthusiasts

Summer in the Quarter of Four Denominations also means a number of concerts. On Sunday, July 20th, a unique festival was commenced, "Lato w Synagodze" [Summer in the Synagogue]. Artists performing at the festival present not only the music of ethnic minorities, but also modern compositions inspired by the multicultural tradition. The festival starts on Sunday, July 20th in the Synagogue Under the White Stork.

The evangelical Providence Church is now hosting a cycle of organ concerts, as a part of Organ Music Festival in the Providence Church. The concerts start at 19.00, and the admission is free. The artists still to present themselves to Wrocław audience are: Małgorzata Trzaskalik 27.07, John Kitchen 3.08, Anna Pikulska 10.08, Józef Serafin 15.08, Tomasz Nowak 17.08, Krzysztof Pawlisz 24.08, and on the last day of vacation, Daniel Roth.

Not only temples

Somewhat at the entrance to the Quarter situated is the Centrum Informacji Turystycznej i Rowerowej [Tourist and Biking Information Centre] (CITiR), where information about coming (and not only) tourist attractions is available at all times.
"We often mediate between tourists and the representatives of particular denominations" said Ewa Czyżewska from CITiR. "Sometimes tourists even ask about the Jewish quarter, and that's why we explain at that very point what this place is and why it is not only Jewish" said Czyżewska. The Centre is open from 9 to 20.

Additionally, the centre is to host, among others, author's evenings with art historians. Organized will also be yet another photographic contest dedicated to architectonic details of the Quarter. "The fruit of the last contest was an exhibition in the Bike Cafe, and publishing post cards, which enjoy constant popularity" said Ewa Czyżewska.

What is more, at the end of 2014, finished will be the renovation of two tenement houses situated in the vicinity of the Lutheran church. An institution will be established there, by the working name of "Lutheran Culture Centre".