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Christmas Market 2014

The Christmas atmosphere will fill Wroclaw Market Square already on the 21st of November. The Christmas Market in Wroclaw will be open till the 22nd of December every day from 10:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. As every year, it will be possible to see wooden houses with festive decorations, buy traditional regional delicacies and find interesting ideas for a gift from various parts of the world.

The Christmas Market at Wroclaw Market Square has become a permanent part of Wroclaw’s tradition. Its unique festive atmosphere attracts not only inhabitants, but also tourists from Poland and abroad. When will the Christmas Market 2014 start? The official opening ceremony is scheduled for the 21st of November at 5:00 p.m.

Centre of Wroclaw smelling like Christmas

As usual, the gate of the Christmas Market will stand at ul. Świdnicka, and the entire Market Square will be adorned with wooden houses, in which you will find traditional regional delicacies and interesting ideas for a gift for your loved ones. Exhibitors from various regions of Poland, including Podhale, Masovia, Pomerania, Wielkopolska, Lower Silesia, as well as from other countries: France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Peru, Turkey and Spain, will present their offer in Wroclaw.

Christmas Market Square for gourmands

A real paradise for gourmands during the Market will be the northern frontage of the Square, where you can buy delicious Dutch herrings, seafood, fruit and chocolate milkshakes, fresh hot juices in Christmas version, baklava, chocolate gingerbread cakes in the shape of Wroclaw tenement houses, Spanish doughnuts, Ceylonese coffees and teas, traditional cakes and many, many others.

If you love chocolate, you will be in seventh heaven when visiting the Swiss ‘Chocolate Workshop’ located in the Fairy Forest. It will contain tools, hammers and nails – all made of real chocolate. Apart from this, you can taste mulled wine in market mugs – shoes, very delicious chocolate and festive delicacies that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you are curious about new flavours, you can taste sweet chocolate kebab, traditional Hungarian chimney cake and lángos, French snails, Australian cheeses and many other unusual delicacies. Traditional Oscypek cheeses with cranberries, roasted chestnuts, or regional Polish and Lithuanian cured meats will certainly be present at the Market, too. As the Christmas table would be incomplete without fish dishes, they will be available in the aromatic smokehouse near the Tasty Platform.

Christmas Market 2014 – ideas for a gift

If you want to find Christmas gifts, you can choose among them in a few dozen wooden houses. This year, it will be possible to see for the first time decorations made of Koniaków laces, oil paintings for children, Nepalese patchwork products, Portuguese and Marseilles aromatic soaps, environment-friendly cosmetics from Jordan and Egypt and many other products that are usually difficult to get.

Other items that you can come across at the Christmas Market 2014 include manually embroidered anti-allergic mascots, colour wooden toys, embroidered angels, decorative felt bags and pillows with folk motifs, or beautiful stone, amber, silver and gilded jewellery. If you love handicrafts, decoupage techniques and folk inspirations, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch the production of those unique items by masters.

In the Creation Culture Space located near the Wroclaw Christmas tree, you can buy beautiful Christmas centrepieces and angels and you can order a manually painted bomb with wishes or a dedication, a lucky horseshoe forged by a blacksmith with your name inscribed on it, or a commemorative coin produced by a Wroclaw mint.

Christmas surprises for children and adults

As usual, it will be possible to visit the Under the Dwarf house guarded by dwarves – lighthouse-keepers, where you can taste the Dwarf’s delicious chocolate and Wroclaw mulled wine. But there will also be some new attractions. In the Fairy Forest, beautiful new fairy tales with exceptional sound and visual design, such as ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ or ‘Pinokio’, will wait for the youngest visitors. Another attraction worth mentioning is amagical snowball located close to new fairy tales, which you can enter and take a commemorative photo of yourself.

Beside the Under the Dwarf house, an ideal place for a commemorative photo – the fabulous Dwarf’s Mushroom – will appear. Apart from that, there will be an opportunity to send letters and postcards with Christmas wishes addressed to Santa Claus, which can be put in a huge postbox situated beside the Christmas tree. Wroclaw Market Square will also be visited by a dwarf called Prezentuś – if you touch his cap three times, all your dreams will come true.

Guests of the Christmas Market 2014 in Wroclaw will also witness unusual magical parades and shows. Fans of winter attractions will have an opportunity to admire ice figure carving shows. As every year, Wroclaw Market Square will be the place of a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, which will be attended by the genuine Santa Claus.

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