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Euro 2024 in Germany: controls on the Polish–German border. On Friday 14th June, the European Football Championship starts in Germany. Everyone planning to go to Euro 2024 matches in Germany should be ready for difficulties on the Polish–German border. A decision has been made to prolong stationary controls carried out by local border services.

On 14th June, the European Football Championship will start with the match Germany – Scotland. The Polish national team will play their first match in Hamburg on Sunday 16th June. Their rivals will be Netherlands. Many fans from Poland intend to support Michał Probierz’s players from the stands.

Euro 2024: difficulties on the Polish–German border

But if you are going to Germany, you had better have a time buffer. In connection with Euro 2024, Germany has extended temporary controls to additional border crossings, so there may be long queues at border stations.  Patrols will appear on the border with Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, as well as Denmark, France and Benelux countries.

Travellers from the Schengen zone may be also checked in air traffic and at airports. ‘Controls take place “flexibly and depending on the situation”,’ said the German Ministry of the Interior. All travellers are requested to have valid travel documents.

Until when will there be controls on the Polish–German border?

The German Ministry of the Interior ordered border controls for the first time in October 2023, and they have been prolonged a number of times since then. The services inform that the police has detected over 37,000 illegal entries across the borders of Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria.

The final of Euro 2024 will be in Berlin on 14th July. However, controls on all German border are intended to last until 19th July. The aim of these controls is the early detection and stopping of dangerous persons.

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