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Wroclaw in solidarity with Ukraine. How to help wisely

Russia's invasion of Ukraine. On February 24th, Russian troops entered the territory of Ukraine, and its citizens need help. Polish aid institutions have organized donations for Ukrainians. Check out how you can get involved in supporting those affected by the war. Wroclaw is also helping and mayor Jacek Sutryk appeals for wise and peaceful actions.

Wroclaw Centre for Social Development coordinates the aid action (WCRS)

Very important email address at which you can write if you want to help: [email protected]

Each person who would like to donate material aid or engage in voluntary activities, knows Ukrainian or Russian language, is a lawyer or an entrepreneur who could employ people from the eastern border - every such person can contact [email protected].

The Dialogue Passage on Świdnicka Street will change into an information and consultation point providing information on all kinds of help.

Collections in schools

From Monday, February 28th, Wroclaw schools will engage in the action "Donations for Ukraine" and it is the schools that will accept material help. They will collect: sleeping bags, blankets, clothing for children and adults, raincoats, personal hygiene products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, underwear, diapers, paper towels, but also candles, batteries and lighters.

The Department of Education sent a special letter to school principals, appealing, among other things, to adjust the requirements to the situation that has begun to surround our children and our youth.

Teachers have been asked to put off stressful situations, tests, to reassure and explain what is happening.

We are updating the list of schools with preparatory classes, the list of Ukrainian children in Wroclaw schools, we are creating a list of teachers with the knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian language. We have 30 preparatory classes in Wroclaw schools - where teachers provide assistance in student's native language. We want to create such classes in 5 more schools.

We are creating a database of translators who will be able to help on a larger scale than before. Applications at [email protected]

Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, will also be creating a database of companies which could offer jobs to more people coming from the East. Contact [email protected].

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