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  4. Wroclaw Festivals in 2019 [CALENDAR]


  • Stage Songs Review


  • Musica Polonica Nova Festival
  • Jazz nad Odrą Festival


  • 1st May – Guitar Guinness Record
  • 3-Majówka Festival. This three-day outdoor festival brings celebrated artists from Poland and across the globe.
  • Millenium Docs Against Gravity. The largest documentary festival in Poland
  • Silesius International Poetry Festival
  • International Biennale of Media Art. The largest overview of contemporary media art in Poland brings not only presentations and meet-the-author sessions.
  • Long Night of the Museums. On that night, Wroclaw museums, galleries, exhibition spaces and many other cultural institutions are open until small hours. Visitors are admitted free of charge or at a nominal fee.
  • International Crime Story Festival
  • Leo Festival
  • Dobre Strony Book Fair for Children and Young People
  • Wroclove Design International Festival of Good Design
  • SIMCHA Jewish Culture Festival. Concerts, meetings, film screenings, workshops and fairs for people passionate about art, knowledge and contact with Jewish tradition
  • May with Ancient Music


  • Europe on the Fork. A food festival with a great feast on the Wroclaw Market Square
  • New Children’s Theatre Review
  • Wroclaw Good Beer Festival
  • Art Of Improvisation
  • Non Sola Scripta International Organ Festival
  •  Festival of High Temperatures
  • Survival Art Review
  • Speculative Fiction Days


  • Meet-the-Author Month
  • Evenings at Arsenal Chamber Music Festival
  • Summer at the White Stork Synagogue
  • Brave Festival


  • New Horizons Festival
  • BuskerBus
  • Forum Musicum


  • Wratislavia Cantans
  • Asymmetry Festival
  • International Children’s Theatre Festival
  • Wroclaw Dwarf Festival
  • TIFF Festival


  • Dialog Theatre Festival
  • Avant Art Festival
  • Bruno Schulz Festival
  • American Film Festival
  • International Short Story Festival
  • Guitar Masters International Festival
  • WROsound
  • DOFA Lower Silesia Architecture Festival


  • Jazztopad
  • Wroclaw Industrial Festival
  • One Love Sound Fest


  • Ambient Festival
  • Wroclaw Good Book Fair
  • New Year’s Eve Party on the Market Square
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