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Municipal/housing-estate culture centres

Municipal cultural clubs and centres have existed in Wroclaw for a long time – in some cases, even for a few dozen years. Classes offered by these places and groups and bands existing there allow children and young people to develop their talents and interests and allow adults to fulfil their passions.

How to enrol a child in a cultural centre?

Registrations for various activities in cultural institutions begin at the end of the summer, when children and young people return to schools. However, it is possible to join desired classes also outside this period.

After finding an appropriate offer for the child, visiting the premises or talking to the cultural centre personnel, you will have to fill in the participant submission form. You should:

  • state the child’s personal data as well as the name of the school and form it attends,
  • sign an approval for the child to leave classes at an earlier time independently (if this is necessary),
  • specify the name of classes the child is interested in,
  • declare the payment of the monthly/semester/annual fee in the amount depending on the type of workshop/section in which the child will participate,
  • give your consent to the use of the child’s image recorded during classes, performances and events organised by the cultural centre – both on the spot and during organised trips of members of individual workshops/sections to reviews or festivals,
  • give a standard consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the act.

How much do you have to pay for classes in a cultural centre?

The amount of fee for participation in classes of a cultural centre workshop/section usually depends on the type of these activities, which is usually connected with the purchase of necessary materials. Parents pay also a voluntary fee for the Parent Council. All conditions of admissions along with fees can be found on home pages of municipal cultural centres.

Here you will find an offer of cultural centres in Wroclaw

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