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On hot summer days, it is worth changing the car, bike or bus for a kayak, boat or ship and looking at Wroclaw from the perspective of the Oder. The sights are enchanting. See a list of water attractions in Wroclaw.

„Wroclaw feels good by the Oder,” says the slogan that promoted Wroclaw Day a few years ago. This is no exaggeration – it is enough to take a stroll on new boulevards along the Oder to see how beautiful they have become, and the mutual affection between the city and the river flourishes.

Boulevards on the river

Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard. The broad walking lane has a shining new appearance. You can find many short and long benches here, and the profiled hill grown with grass invites visitors to rest in a horizontal position. The most popular place of this part of the Oder quay is the amphitheatre stairs. It is a place to relax and a good vantage point with the magnificent panorama of Ostrów Tumski and the Piotr Włostowic Boulevard on the other side of the river. The broad stairs are also used by water sport lovers and tourist ship masters. On hot summer days, it can also be a cooling spot, with water flowing down the stairs in one part.

The Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard provides a soothing view of Ostrów Tumski and the Piotr Włostowic Promenade. The promenade is not only a place to stroll – if you are seeking shelter from the urban noise, you can rest on benches and lawns. Picnics, concerts and shows are also organised here.

Rest on the water

Going up the river, you will reach the Gondola Bay (here you can order a kayak or boat and continue sightseeing from the water level or take a seat in a cosy outdoor café) and to the National Museum.

Wroclaw inhabitants and tourists increasingly often choose an active form of city sightseeing. The white fleet is developing. Cruise lovers can choose between the luxurious Wratislavia floating restaurant, comfortable ships, cosy catamarans and fast motorboats.

The number of boats on the water is directly proportional to the quality of the weather. The water season begins already in early spring, and the peak period occurs between May and September.

Ships, boats, catamarans, kayaks. Equipment rental points HERE.

Holiday beaches

Other forms of entertainment on the Oder flourish as well. Many city beaches have appeared along the river. They are basically open-air establishments with bars, sanitary facilities and a culinary offer that propose rest (hammocks, deckchairs, swimming pools, badminton and volleyball fields) and entertainment (open-air concerts and discos). They are used most often by young people, but adults and families with children are also among frequent visitors.

See the location of city beaches in Wroclaw

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