Coalition of Cities: Gdansk - Friends From Seaside

Seaside beach and the inherent screens called wind shelters will appear in Wroclaw's Market Square in front of the tenement no. 25. There, on five floors, the city of Gdansk will present itself, as part of the Coalition of Cities.

The Amber Route

The ground floor will house a bookshop, bar and café. The arrangement of space will be ensured by Kurhaus from Wrzeszcze and LAS from Sopot. Kurhaus will present, among others, the Amber Route, which is a beer made by the curatorial collective All Inclusive, brewed in a limited edition. The bookstore will offer publications from the Tri-City - including W Podwórku and Słowo/Obraz Terytoria publishing houses, publications of the Institute for Urban Culture, the Gdańsk City Gallery, the National Gallery of Art in Sopot. The reading room will offer artistic monographs, books of poetry, artbooks and sketches. The ground floor will open to all from noon to midnight, from 30 July to 5 August.

New arrivals from the seaside

The first floor of the building at Rynek 25 will turn into a concert hall. Evening concerts will take place under the slogan New Arrivals From the Seaside, presenting the most interesting artists from the Tri-City and surrounding areas. Among the invited artists are: Olo Walicki Kaszebe II, Trupa Trupa, Kobiety, Prawatt, Rhythm Baboon, Syny, Langfurtka and two ensembles performing as part of the TOTART day: Szelest Spadających Papierków and Brzóska de Paulus

The second floor houses exhibitions. The space is opened by with an overview of painting - Let's Hang Artists Every Day, a development of a project by Sylwester Gałuszka with the Artists' Colony, in which a different work is presented every other day. This time, the idea is to collect in one place a large number of images and put them together in an nonobvious configuration. It is to be a kind of continuous creative process, as well as an artistic archive, which creates further relationships between different artistic representations. The exhibition will present the latest works by Agata Nowosielska, Malina Tomaszewska, Krzysztof Wroblewski, Marcin Zawicki, Anna Orbaczewska, Kamila Model, Daniel Cybulski, Jakub Bielawski, Piotr Rubiecki, Katarzyna Fijałkowska, Aleksandra Kotarska, Maja Zaleska, Łukasz Patelczyk, Maciej Pytlak, Maciej Salamon Maciej Chodziński, Krzysztof Nowicki and Tomek Kopcewicz.

Koalicja miast: Gdańsk - Znajomi znad morza

Coalition of Cities: Gdańsk - Friends From the Seaside

Termin From July 30 to August 5, 2016

Miejsce Wroclaw Market Square

By sea to freedom

On the third floor and in the basement (a field recording installation by Marcin Dymiter) a story will be presented about the sea and its metaphor. Today, the journey by sea is mainly associated with the influx of refugees to Europe and their tragic fate. Direct threads referring to the socio-geopolitical situation can be found in objects and documentation of Aurora Lubos' performance From The Sea, as well as photographs by photographer-reporter Maciej Moskwa, who will share about his work during a meeting with the author. The subject of emigration also appears in the video by Julita Wojcik, a socially engaged artist, who goes to sea from the port of Gdynia on a raft built of plastic suitcases. Another nomadic project is the Odyssey by Tomek Kopcewicz and Michał Szlaga, who will present selected topics of their current trip, among other the nameless zones, where people are waiting for admittance to Europe. During the exhibition, they will start off on a short, parallel cruise on the waters of Wroclaw Odra, in a canoe with a sail.

The last, fourth floor treats the city as a starting point. Based on projects dedicated to Gdansk, it seeks answers to the question of how a contemporary city can look and change. Also planned on the top floor of the building is a temporary cinema. As part of the film screening cycle Wrzeszcz ART!, you can delve into the realizations of the Tri-City and Wroclaw artists who use video art.

Coalition of Cities is a project by cities that competed for the title of European Capital of Culture, and now cooperate with Wroclaw, the winner of the competition. The project aims to present in Wroclaw the cultural presentations of Gdansk, Katowice, Lublin and Lodz, focused on their most characteristic cultural narratives and that, which is their genius loci. Wroclaw will become the stage on which the best ideas and cultural practices from each of the cities of the coalition will meet.