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City of Wrocław in the METREX network UM Wrocławia
City of Wrocław in the METREX network

METREX – the Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas, provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience on metropolitan affairs, and joint action on issues of common interest. In 2021, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wrocław's presence at METREX.

The Network was founded in 1996 and has members from some 50 metropolitan regions and areas and partners in many others. METREX contributes the metropolitan dimension to policies, programmes and projects on a European scale. The Network is a partner of European institutions, the research community, governmental organisations and other networks.

METREX hosts regular meetings for Members, either through Expert and Network Groups, our METREXmonthly sessions, or bi-annual Conference. It also contributes to EU programmes and events organised by networks we collaborate with, such as Eurocities, EMA and Metropolis.

METREX members have access to current knowledge in the field of spatial planning and sustainable development of metropolitan areas. Within the network, cities and metropolises also have the opportunity to participate in consultations on important documents at the international level and to create European policies.

The President of METREX is Jakub Mazur - Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw

 He will head the network for the next two years, representing METREX publicly and leading the organisation’s managing committee. Jakub Mazur was confirmed as President at the METREX General Assembly, which took place as part of the network’s online Nürnberg Conference, 17-19 February 2021.

Speaking at the meeting of Members to confirm the appointment, Jakub Mazur said: “It is an honour to have received the overwhelming support of Members to lead this important network. I am keen to strengthen and grow METREX’s network, and to use the considerable expertise of our Members to further influence policy and share practical knowledge.”

Member of the Managing Committee is also Łukasz Medeksza - Deputy Director of the Strategy and City Development Department at Municipality of Wrocław.

You can find more information about METREX's activities at: https://www.eurometrex.org/

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