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Petarda Wroclaw,
don’t crack!

Wroclaw Respect

This will be the biggest party on the night of New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw. On 31st December, 120 musicians, vocalists, choir members, acrobats and dancers will appear on stage on the Wroclaw Market Square. The party will start at 8:00 p.m.

“Wroclaw Respect” is this year’s slogan of the New Year’s Eve party on the Wroclaw Market Square. The organisers invite people of various nationalities, cultures, religions and races to arrive in Wroclaw – the city awarded with the title of European Best Destination 2018.

The star of the New Year’s Eve party will be the Village People band – we will certainly hear a number of great hits, such as Y.M.C.A., Go West, Macho Man or In the Navy. During the approaching New Year’s Eve, the Village People will celebrate the 40th anniversary of this hit. Wroclaw inhabitants will try to attack the European record – the organisers want to gather 40,000 people to dance with the band around the city hall.

Sylwester we Wroclawiu


Let’s meet on the Wroclaw Market Square on the evening of New Year’s Eve at 8:00 p.m. We have prepared lots of prizes specially for you.

Wroclaw, don’t crack!

Wroclaw nie strzela

As in previous years, Wroclaw will not organise a fireworks show during the New Year’s Eve concert on the Market Square. This year, the originators of the campaign “Wroclaw Does Not Shoot” will go a step further!

On New Year’s Eve, Wroclaw invites everyone who shares such values as openness and tolerance, because “Wroclaw Respect” is for everyone.

Therefore, the participants are encouraged to give up shooting fireworks and to believe that a good party can do without the noise of firecrackers, which will certainly be proven by artists, the event director Paweł Gołębski and other organisers of the New Year’s Eve party.

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