Startup Wrocław: meetup #8

Internet of Things (IoT)

November 15, 2018

Business Link Green2Day, 11 Szczytnicka Str. , Wrocław


It is used by cities, companies and individual users. According to experts, its strength ‘can be compared to tsunami’ as it grows by 30 percent per year.

During Startup Wrocław: meetup# 8 we will talk about the Internet of Things (IoT).

Experts estimate that in 2021 out of 28 billion devices connected to the Internet, more than half will be IoT devices. In 2013 there were barely 3 billion of such gadgets.

Can Wrocław be the Polish capital of the Internet of Things? How does big and small companies deal with technology quick development, and to what extend IoT is used in our city?

We will talk about all these issues during the event held in Business Link Green2Day.

Event in English - please register and confirm your arrival.


Registration & Welcome

17:00 - 17:30


17:30 - 17:40

Ewa Kaucz, ARAW

Welcome speech

Keynote Speaker

17:40 - 18:00

Janusz Taterka, Capgemini


18:00 - 18:15

Krzysztof Berezowski, Thaumatec

18:15 - 18:30

Aleksandra Sękowska, Proxi Group

18:30 - 18:45

Patryk Szymczak, Venture Builder

18:45 - 19:00

Dobro Duszyński, Better Software Group



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