They're Back! An unstoppable comedy monster, the CD/DC franchise unleashes its 3rd installment upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of Wrocław this August.

Writer and humorist Christian A. Dumais, creator of Twitter’s @DRUNKHULK with nearly 200,000 followers, will open the creaky coffin lid of the evening. Dumais mixes wicked one-liners with razor-sharp observations that will have you laughing yourself to death.
Ten years in the making, vengeance – and laughter – will be his! Writer and voice actor Derrek Carriveau, armed with a blood-warm voice and bone-dry wit, will aim his boozy humor at everyday life and make you wonder if you can ever be the same again!
Famous Jim Williams, the man who shocked stand-up comedy in English to life in Wrocław will be your host this evening. He bids you welcome.

Come, children of the night, and make sweet laughter with us.
10.08 (Sunday), 7:00PM, Mleczarnia, Włodkowica 5

Tickets: 10 zloty (tickets can be purchased in advance at Mleczarnia).




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